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Will You Be My Friend?

I feel like I’m back in grade school when I move to a new place and I’m on the lookout for an exercise partner but it doesn’t stop me from asking. I’m a firm believer in having an exercise buddy but due to my surgery and then the holidays, I haven’t asked anyone until my neighbor mentioned she was heading to the gym. That was my opportunity to ask “I’m searching for a exercise buddy ~ are you interested?” and she said “YES!”

Being a borderline germaphobe, I’m not much of a gym person and prefer the great outdoors but since the weather limits the amount of outdoor exercise I can endure, the gym will have to do.  Yesterday was our first day and although we won’t work out together (she runs way faster than I), just the fact that we’ll drive to the gym together is incentive enough to get me exercising. I did the stair master and weights ~ ouch! A good ouch though.  I’ll still be swimming but, since I’m no longer training for the team triathlon, my new rule is swimming only if the outside temps are above freezing.

And when the weather gets nice enough, we’ll switch to tennis!

Hope everyone out there has an “exercise buddy” or finds one soon.

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