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During our trip to Brussels, we endured what seemed like a never-ending stau:

We went to the Atomin, via the Metro, and got caught in a big rainstorm. It was unusually cold and rainy for August.  The Atomin was built in 1958 for the World’s Fair and reminds me of something out of “War of the Worlds” ~ I thought it was pretty strange looking and it was even more weird inside. My stomach did a flip-flop in the elevator on the way up. If you are a fan of art-deco, this is the place for you:

We explored the sights of Brussels:the Grand Place, Sablon Square, the gorgeous, gothic St. Michael’s Cathedral, the Cinquantenaire Arch & Park, and one of my favorites, the cute Manneken Pis. From what I hear, there are several different stories about this statue of a little boy taking a pee, but the one we heard was he was relieving himself in the yard of a witch and she turned him into stone.

We took a day trip to Waterloo and climbed the 216 stairs of the Lion Memorial (which looks towards France). FG and FM are at the top of the memorial looking out at the battlefield:

Before we went to Brussels, I had heard from other people and had read about the delicious chocolate. I’ve got a sweet tooth and have had more than my share of chocolate so I couldn’t imagine that it could be much better than other chocolates.  Chocolate is chocolate, right? Wrong! The chocolate I tasted at the Marcolini chocolate shop at Sablon Sqaure was beyond yummy. Oh, the decadence… from then on, anytime someone said they were going to Brussels, I’d put in my order for more delicious chocolate.

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