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London: Pub Quiz and Tennis

Although I feel like I’m on a permanent vacation, listed below are a few thoughts on activities I’ve done that locals might do.  I’ll be sure to pass it on to the next Expat who asks about living in London:

1) Went to a Pub Quiz Night in St Johns Woods last night and had a great time especially catching up with my friend, Leslie. I’ve been to Pub Quiz Night twice and would recommend it as a fun night out.  Some pointers if you’re going to your first Pub Quiz Night:

  • The number one tip for Quiz Night is to have a British person on your team ~ preferably one who knows about Cricket, Rugby, Football (soccer) and British TV/Movies.
  • It’s best to have a team of no more than 4 people.   Any more than four and you spend more time second-guessing answers
  • Know your team members ~ don’t go with a super competitive team if you’re there just for fun
  • It doesn’t matter if your team member has an ivy league degree in quantum physics, they still might know jack about pop music so don’t be intimidated that they know everything even if they act like they do
  • Don’t get there too early or else the beer/glass of wine might muddle your thoughts.  After two glasses of wine, some answers were on the tip of my tongue ~ how could I have forgotten the title of “Jerry McGuire”  when I could remember all the actors in it and have seen it multiple times.  Thankfully someone finally got it!
  • It costs between £1-2 for each player and first place winners split the monies collected (usually).  Some pubs offer a bottle of wine, vouchers, etc.
  • I’ve been to The Warrington in Maida Vale http://www.viewlondon.co.uk/pubsandbars/the-warrington-info-18136.html and to the Lord’s Tavern in St Johns Woods http://www.lords.org/lords-ground/lords-restaurants/lords-tavern/
  • Here’s a list to get you started if you want to partake: http://www.viewlondon.co.uk/pubsandbars/quiz-nights-in-london-pubs-recommended-london-621.html

2) I was thrilled to find a group of ladies who play tennis (doubles) every Wednesday for 2 hours at Westway Sports Center’s indoor courts.  The group didn’t have space for a permanent member but I signed up as a substitute four weeks ago and have already played three times.  I prefer singles but am embracing the challenge of doubles.  Westway also has a climbing wall  for all levels ~ may give the beginners route a try.

Side story: Westway is close to the Latimer Road tube stop and that’s how I usually get there, but after a late night at the Pub Quiz, I decided to catch a cab there to conserve my energy (the Tylenol hadn’t kicked in yet).  The cab driver was taking a longer route than I preferred (cost me an extra £2) so I was getting a bit irritated with him but when I told him to drop me off and I’d walk the 100 meters to the front door (the car couldn’t get any closer), he said “Are you sure? Do you know this area? Do you work here?”  I wasn’t sure why he was asking so many questions but I held up my racquet and said “I play tennis here”  Then he said “I was just checking to make sure it was safe ~ the area looks a little run down from the last time I was here about 6 years ago.”  How kind that he was looking out for a woman alone.  I wanted to say “hmmm, I have a racquet and I’m not afraid to use it” but I just thanked him and hopped out.  As I got to the front door, I turned around and he was still there waiting to make sure I got in safely.

3)  Learned something new about traveling around London.  We get our US mail at West Ruislip which takes about 40 minutes (without tube delays) but I learned you can use your Oyster card (frequent travel card for the tube which you just keep adding money to) on any of the trains within the tube area.  So we hopped on the train at Marylebone station heading for West Ruislip and was there in 15 minutes and it cost the same as the tube!! May even check my mail more than once every 10 days.

4) I love reading blogs/informational websites on London.  Here are my favorites so far:

Those were the highlights of the day-to-day life in London ~ now back to a museum or guided walk.

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