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No TV Makes For More Creativity…

None of the rooms at Caneel Bay have TVs and, although I don’t feel like we’re addicted to TV, it’s on way too much in our home ~ usually for background noise. I wasn’t sure how Favorite Girl (FG) would do with a week of NO TV but it turned out to be wonderful. Of course, we were outside most of the day so it didn’t matter but it was so nice at night when the only sound was the small waves crashing to shore.

During our week of no TV, Favorite Man (FM) got through his entire backlog of reading material (all those magazines and articles he doesn’t have time for when working), I finished reading “Love Walked In” and “Barefoot” which I’ll review soon and FG finished two books and also started a book reviewing blog. She’ll be in 5th grade but reads on a 7th grade level, so her blog Book Bug will be geared towards intermediate and middle school kids. She’s just started so more reviews will follow soon. She reads at least one book a week and has started a book exchange with her other book-loving friends.

I’m thrilled she’s so enthralled with reading but I’m especially happy that she’s giving writing a try as well.

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