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Mulberry Island is a small little oasis with picnic areas along the water and a lovely brick home called The Matthew Jones House. It’s also known as “Bourbon”. It’s located on the south side of Virginia Route 60 on the Fort Eustis Military Reservation in Newport News. The original part of the house was built in 1727 (as evidenced by the inscription on the window) but was remodeled in the 1800s. Its architecture shows a transition into the Georgian Period.

Since this wasn’t a planned visit, I couldn’t get a tour inside the house but I enjoyed walking around the grounds. There’s a hawk’s nest close to the house and I loved watching them in flight. The hawks weren’t so thrilled with my presence as noted by their LOUD squawks.

Matthew Jones House "Bourbon"

Matthew Jones House Split Rail Fence
Split Rail Fence at the Matthew Jones House

Matthew Jones House
The Matthew Jones House “Bourbon”

Matthew Jones House
Matthew Jones House

Blue Heron
Blue Heron on Mulberry Island, Virginia

Hawk in Flight
Hawk in Flight on Mulberry Island (nest next to the Matthew Jones House)

Hawks guarding their nest

Hawk in flight II
Gorgeous Wing span

Hawk in flight III

Next time I visit Fort Eustis, I will contact the Fort Eustis Historical and Archaeological Association (FEHAA) for an interior tour. If you’re interested contact them at 757-872-8283 or e-mail at info@fehaa.org. The tour is free of charge. The Matthew Jones House has been documented by the Historic American Buildings Survey.

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