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Standing on a hill overlooking Ljubljana is a beautiful castle, Ljubljanski Grad. The views from the top are fabulous especially from the top of the tower. On previous visits, we hiked to the castle from the Old Square in Ljubljana but it was over 36°C so we rode the funicular.

Ljubljana Church
View from the top of the Tower of Ljubljanski Grad

Ljubljana Slovenia penitentary at the castle
One of the cells in the penitentary

Looking in the jail cell at the castle Ljubljana Slovenia Looking out to Ljubljana Slovenia Puppet and Logan at the Castle Ljubljana Slovenia Castle stairs Ljubljana Slovenia
Stairs leading to Castle Tower

Castle in Ljubljana
Castle high on the hill

For more information about visiting the castle, click here.

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We spent two nights in Inverness but didn’t spend a lot of time in the city itself. Rather we used it as a base for our drive to the northernmost part of Mainland Scotland and to visit the Culloden Battlefield. We visited Inverness last year and chose to go back to a few of the places we enjoyed such as walking along the River Ness and going to a local park with a “zip line.”

Inverness Castle flowers
Inverness Castle

Inverness along the River Ness
Along the River Ness

Inverness Zip line at the local park
Zip Line Fun

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