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At the end of the beautiful drive from Ullapool to Durness is the GORGEOUS white sandy Durness Beach! Well worth the approximately 70 mile drive. We ate lunch at the Oasis Restaurant which was more than disappointing. The location is great, the service fine but terrible food. Enough about that, we ate as fast as we could and headed straight for the beach.

No doubt the visit to Durness Beach was a highlight of our trip. After all, we are “Displaced Beachbums” always on the lookout for a sandy beach where we can dip our toes in. And despite the cold, we dipped away!

Durness Beach
Durness Beach

Durness Beach II

Durness Beach sitting on the arch next to waterfall
Lovely Waterfall at Durness Beach

At Durness beach
Logan couldn’t wait to get in the water (at least her feet) but she was shocked at just how cold the water was. She sarcastically asked “how is it not frozen over?”

Durness beach swimmers kids dogs
Not only was Durness Beach beautiful but uncrowded. Save a few brave swimmers, dogs and families

Durness Beach smaller cove
Smaller cove at Durness Beach

Durness Beach Lookout II
Lookout point

This was our route:

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