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Guest Blogger: John

India’s poverty is staggering. There are more people living below the poverty level in India (which is calculated at below $1.25 a day) than there are people below the poverty level in all of Africa. There doesn’t seem to be a state structure to take care of the problem. Women and children are particularly vulnerable so it was heartwarming to visit a private charities such as Women’s Interlink Foundation.

India Welcome

Women’s Interlink Foundation was established in 1990 in Kolkata (Calcutta). Their vision is to create a world where disadvantaged women and children have access to basic care and are empowered to improve their quality of life.  They have integrated programs such as literacy, health care, nutrition, skill development, income generation, shelter & drinking water, sanitation, prevention of violence/trafficking, domestic violence, etc.

India Dancing

India Dancing

The dancing is taught to improve self-esteem in the women. They performed a traditional Indian dance for our group.

Inida Wood Block Stamping

India Wood block stamping

The women are taught various skills in order to become self-sufficient. We were shown wood block stamping area.


They also make small wallets/purses.


A sample of a “final product” ~ a beautiful tablecloth.

In the city where Mother Teresa did her good works, it’s encouraging to see organizations such as Women’s Interlink Foundation continue women and children in need.

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