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The weather in Northern Virginia has been foggy (yesterday) and rainy (today). It’s a great time to write about London and our last day in the UK.  With all I’m planning, we’ll have no time for sleeping! We can always sleep on the way home (well, at least John can ~ I’m a stay awake on the plane kind of person).

One thing I’d love to do but will have little no chance convincing John and Logan to join me: the Mad Hatter Tea at the Sanderlin. It’s a whimsical Alice in Wonderland inspired afternoon tea which sounds fabulous. This will stay on the to-do list for when I’m on a solo trip to London.

On to what we’ll do…

When we lived in London, I went on numerous London Walks tours which I thoroughly enjoyed. On a couple of the walks they would point out the Gentlemen’s Clubs of years past. Having been teased about those clubs, I’m very intrigued with Mark Rowland London Ramblings tour “The Gentlemen’s clubs of St James’s: Victorian London’s LinkedIn ” and I’ll definitely be booking the walk as soon as his July schedule comes out. Then we’ll head over to Regents Park for lunch with friends.

Regents Park Picnic

We had a picnic in the Regents Park on the day before we flew back to the states. We grabbed a couple of sandwiches from Pret a Manger and met up with friends in the park on what was one of the nicest weather days we’d had all year. We were witness to a proposal while we had our lunch ~ very romantic of them.

London Leaving Regents Park

Leaving Regents Park

Carina feeding the birds in Regents Park

Feeding Time in Regents Park

Close up of Water Fountain Regents Park

Regents Park Fountain Cover

Fountain in Regents Park

Spring in Regents Park

Flowers in Regents Park


People Watching in Regents Park

We still have the “last” evening in London ~ the vote from the rest of the family is to spend the rest of the day in Covent Gardens for dinner and a West End show.  Now to decide which show and which restaurant. Any recommendations for a vegetarian friendly but will still appeal to a meat-eater kind of restaurant?


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