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We decided to take a very last minute, unplanned trip to Slovenia and Croatia. It has been a whirlwind but lots of fun. Slovenia is one of our favorite countries in Europe. The capital, Ljubljana is safe, beautiful and very friendly. When we lived in Germany, we visited Slovenia four times but our last visit was 10 years ago. There have been a few changes but the essence of the country is still the same. Thankfully, the city seems even better than we remembered.

Boat under bridge in Ljubljana Slovenia
The beautiful Ljubljanica River which flows through the center of the city

Boat under Bridge Ljubljana Slovenia II
The Ljubljanica was a major supply and trade route from Roman times until the advent of the railways. You’ll find a lot of social activity along the river with many outdoor cafes, tourist boats and entertainers.

Dragon Ljubljana Slovenia complete statue
The Dragon Bridge. The Dragon is the symbol of Ljubljana and you will see the fierce-looking dragons all over the city.

Dragon backside Ljubljana Slovenia
Back side of the Dragon Bridge

Locks on the bridge Ljubljana Slovenia
The Butcher’s Bridge, built in 2010, has become a popular spot for the lover’s locks. Keys are thrown into the river. Personally, I’m not a big fan of the locks (or the litter going in the river). Call me unromantic but I think lovers should have to use combination locks so if they break-up, one of them can come back and remove the lock.

One of the three bridges in Ljubljana Slovenia
Walking across “Triple bridge” off the main square in the city center. It was originally built in 1842 and is a good starting point when touring the city, especially for first timer.

Two boats under bridge in Ljubljana Slovenia III
The first thing we did when we arrived is head down to the river, have a glass of wine and RELAX!

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