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Del Ray Restaurants

1) Taqueria Poblano 2400 Mount Vernon Avenue, Alexandria, VA 22301 (703) 548-8226 ‎

Located in Del Ray, it’s a small restaurant but they do take reservations.  I’ve been there for dinner and brunch (on Sundays) but they also serve breakfast and lunch. Yummy Vegetarian Bean Burritos, friendly & efficient service, tasty margaritas and much more! There’s outdoor seating during warm weather. We found out the hard way that they’re closed on Tuesdays.

2) Caboose Cafe and Bakery on Mount Vernon Street in Del Ray

Across from the Tacqueria Poblano, the Caboose Cafe was our default when we attempted to go to the Tacqueria on a Tuesday night only to find they were closed.  But it worked out just fine because the Caboose restaurant is a delicious mix of Ethiopian food, pastas, Quiche, etc. Very vegetarian friendly and they also have an outdoor seating area during the warmer months. I’ve had the spicy pasta dish, the vegetarian sampler (Ethiopian food) and just recently had the Quiche with salad. All good!  I recommend the house Pinot Grigio as well. Refreshing.  The desserts are OK but not decadent. Not their specialty. 

I would highly recommend either one.  There’s another restaurant in Del Ray (two doors down from the Caboose) which I’ve tried to eat at THREE times now and they are always too busy. Great for the restaurant, but not so good for me. It’s called the Cheesetique and the menu looks fabulous. They are closed on Mondays but open for lunch and dinner Tues through Sunday.  Outdoor seating available. I’ll have to get there right at opening (11 am) so I can finally maybe get a table.

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