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One thing I’ve learned while living in London is planning ahead is essential. I’ve been attempting to plan at least five or six months ahead ~ events sell out quickly here.

Trooping the Colour” is a ceremony which dates back to the 1700s. The reason for the ceremony, done before battle, was to ensure every soldier could recognize his unit’s colours (each Battalion had a brightly coloured flag) and so all ranks could recognize the colours at the assembly point after battle. As of 1748, the ceremony became part of the Sovereign’s birthday celebration when the trooping was done by the Grenadier Guards. Then in 1760, during George III’s reign, it was ordered that a parade should mark the monarch’s birthday. Except for wartime exceptions, it’s become an annual event.

This year, the birthday parade will be on 15 June 2013 (Saturday). If you’re interested in seeing the ceremony, tickets are chosen through a lottery and although I’m usually not very lucky with drawings, I sent my request in for any of the three “Trooping the Colour” ceremonies. There’s the official “Trooping the Colour” on 15 June but also two other rehearsal dates. The first rehearsal will be on 1 June and the second rehearsal will be on 8 June.

To be considered, send a self-addressed stamped envelope and a request for the amount of tickets you require (no more than 3 tickets per application) no later than 28 February to:

The Brigade Major
Headquarters Household Division
London SW1A 2AX

The drawing will be in early March and those selected will be contacted. Once selected, payment will be requested. The cost is currently not on the website. For additional information about the Parade events, click here.

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