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Mt. Fuji

We got up early, braved the cold and made a trip to Mt. Fuji and the Hakone area. We decided the easiest way to see the countryside would be by tour bus. Not my favorite mode of transportation ~ I prefer to explore on my own but, like I said, this was “easy”.

There are 10 stations on Mt. Fuji with the 10th being the summit. During the summer months, you can drive as far as the 5th station but we were only able to go to the 2nd station. It was very cold and windy so I’m glad I packed our hat and gloves. FM and I are weather wimps but FG LOVED it. Guess we’ll toughen up in upstate NY next winter.

After the Mt. Fuji visit, we went to Hanoke Lake for lunch, took a sky gondola and saw beautiful views of the volcanic Hakone mountains.
The cable car let us off at the FREEZING Owakudani Valley a.k.a. Valley of Hell. There are sulphur springs brewing all over and it’s very desolate looking.

We then drove to Ashi Lake and took a “pirate” ship cruise around the lake.

It was a good diversion to get out of the city and see the countryside. Tomorrow is FG’s day as we are heading to Disneyland. This will be her first visit to any Disneyland.

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