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While the construction crew building the Hotel Indigo dug deep, the remains of an 18th century ship’s fifty-foot hull was unearthed at 220 South Union Street in Old Town, Alexandria.

It had been scuttled sometime in the late 1700s when the town used it as part of the landfill for the waterfront which was extended out to a deeper part the Potomac River. The new waterfront allowed Alexandria to become a thriving international port.  In photo: Before the landfill (late 1700s), the waterline went to where the crane is located.

3-D laser scanning, photographs and measurements have been completed and now the ship is being dismantled so it can be moved to a wet environment for further study and hopefully conservation.  For more information about this and other discoveries in Old Town, go to: Alexandria Archaeology Museum which is located in the Torpedo Factory on King Street.

When they announced the area would be open to the public for two hours, I was hoping to get onto the construction site for a closer look but it was not to be.

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After having Georgetown Cupcakes and Baked & Wired pumpkin muffins on Friday, the last thing I needed this morning was a donut. But I couldn’t resist checking out the newly opened Sugar Shack in Old Town. There was a line out the door as we drove up to 804 N. Henry Street but it moved quickly and we were ordering our donuts within 10 minutes.

The original Sugar Shack, located in Richmond, was named one of the top 10 Tastiest Donuts in the USA.  During his time representing in Richmond, Virginia Delegate Rob Krupicka (D-Alexandria, Arlington and Fairfax) enjoyed Sugar Shack so much, he decided to bring his favorite donuts to Northern Virginia by opening his own shop. After tasting my first one (caramel with nuts on top), I’m glad he did ~ they are decadently delicious!

Not only are the donuts tasty but the store is also helpful to the community. Sugar Shack Alexandria has teamed up with Together We Bake (a non-profit that trains women in need)to staff the labor-intensive kitchen where each donut is hand-crafted. No machines! The flavors, such as mint julep, maple bacon, s’mores, change frequently but there’s always the standard ones (chocolate, glazed, etc).

Sugar Shack Hanging Donut

Sugar Shack Donut Display
Some of the many choices.

Sugar Shack Coffee
Delicious Coffees

Sugar Shack and GW
Looking through a porthole inside the shop

I highly recommend Sugar Shack the next time you’re in Northern Virginia and get a craving for donuts and coffee!

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