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This flashback is a few days late because Friday was a blur. Between trying to keep FG entertained by taking her swimming at the lake and having an impromtu dinner with some new friends, the day flew by.

Back to the flashback: During our road trip across the country last July, FG and I started looking for Boiled Peanuts as soon as we hit the southern states. We didn’t find any stands in Tennessee but the further east we went, the more we found. Our favorite was the Cajun Boiled Peanuts we picked up at a service station in North Carolina on our way to my mom’s place. They were SPICY and I was surprised FG liked them so much.

FG’s been asking for them the last couple weeks and, since there’s no way we were going to find any here in the North Country, I bought a pound of peanuts and decided to try my own cajun recipe. They turned out fine but were no where near as spicy or salty as I would have liked. Next time I’m going to use this recipe.

Our friends who came over for dinner had never  (so sad) tried boiled peanuts but was brave enough to try mine. The wife wasn’t thrilled with them but her husband was surprised how much he liked them and even took some home. A new convert and, no doubt, he’ll pull over next time he’s driving through the south and sees the handwritten sign on the back of a cardboard box top that reads:


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