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Observing people in a city is fascinating to me but I don’t want to be too obtrusive when taking photos. I appreciate those who don’t mind. I once had a woman ask me if I wanted her to walk by again so I could get a better shot (and no, it wasn’t in a sarcastic tone).

People Woman and bikesBikes are very popular in Ljubljana People watching atPreseren Statue in Ljubljana Slovenia II
Resting at the Preseren Statue near the Triple Bridge

People two women and vespaI always say “if you work hard for a rockin body, then by all means show it off” People Smoking
So pretty but wish she’d lose the cigarettes. Smoking is prevalent at the outdoor bars/cafes

People Hare KrishnaHare Krishna group chanting along the river People First date
I’m thinking first date ~

People alone at the cafeAlone at an outdoor cafe People 4 walking
Too much concentration going on

People Music drum and hornsWe came across Brass Against The Machine while walking around Ljubljana. Very entertaining. If you ever get a chance to see them play, go! People Music Festival II
Brass Against the Machine entertaining the crowd. High energy!

Only thing better than people watching is: DOG WATCHING. Ljubljana is very dog friendly.

Dog saying hi to hot dog in bike basket Ljubljana SloveniaDog in Bike Basket Ljubljana Slovenia
“Hot” dog in a bike basket

People two men and a dogTwo men and their well-coiffed pup People Ice cream eating dog
Ice cream eating dog

People Dog waiting for owner
Waiting on pizza

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