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With the sun shining and the temperatures rising, it was a perfect Christmas morning to walk around the beautiful, historic neighborhoods of Charleston. Throughout our four-day stay, we must have walked six miles a day on average. A pair of good walking shoes are essential.

There’s always something new and interesting to see around every corner. And Charlestonians are eager to link all kinds of events to their historic city. An interesting example: We came across a house which was built by Elisha Poinsett in 1732. His descendent, Joel Roberts Poinsett was an Ambassador to Mexico and was responsible for introducing the poinsettia plant to the United States around 1825. It was fun fact find on Christmas.

Charleston Poinsett Tavern House
Poinsett Tavern located at 82 Elliott Street

Walking around Charleston, looking at all the different types of homes, makes me want to know about the families who live (lived) in them. There are so many lovely homes to see…

Colonial House, Charleston
Colonial Park Home

Charleston pink on the battery
Mansion on The Battery

Charleston Pink House
This Pink House used to be a Tavern Brothel

Charleston newly renovated
A newly renovated home on The Battery

Charleston Homes

Charleston Homes on the Battery
More homes on The Battery

Charleston home with earthquake bolts.
Pre-1886 Great Earthquake Home. You can tell due to the earthquake bolts on the side of house

Charleston 4 sale
This 7 bedroom is for sale! It’s located on The Battery

Charleston Elliott and East Bay street
Interesting Rooftop

Charleston Hammock on the porch
My favorite porch ~ can’t go wrong with a hammock looking out to the River

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