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In planning my trip to London,  Day Three has to start with a visit to one of my favorite breakfast places in Marylebone, La Formagerie.

London Marylebone La Fromagerie

Located at 2-6 Moxon Street (W1), it has an extensive, glass-enclosed cheese room. For those non-cheese aficionados, the staff always seemed happy to help with my selections ~ I would tell them what kind of event/other food & wine/number of people and they made excellent recommendations. La Formagerie also serves lunch and dinner (excellent wine list). It’ll be a great way to start our second day. If you decide to go when you’re in London, click here for more details.

I’m planning to re-visit several museums and attend a play/concert during our stay. Logan didn’t get a chance to see the British Museum which she reminds me frequently ~ it just so happened she was unavailable every time I went.  I’m happy to return if just to look at the Rosetta Stone ~ which is near the entrance and the most visited object in the museum. Languages fascinate me and the Rosetta Stone was instrumental in deciphering of hieroglyphs. Think of it as the Google translate of the early 1800s.

British Museum Entrance London

And there’s so much more to see…

British Musem London small figurines

“No-Body with drinking glass and with a pipe” These are figurines from 1680-1700 from the publication “No-Body and Some-Body”

Brisith Museum London V

British Museum Glove II London

British Museum London II

British Museum III London

Hindu Goddess Gajalakshmi

Entrance to the museum is free so you can go in, see the Rosetta Stone, roam around at your leisure. It would take weeks to see everything so my advice is to check out the museum map and pick a section that interests you. When we go I’m going to take the “Around The World in 90 Minutes” tour. The guides are so informative.

For the afternoon, we’ll wander over to Knightsbridge which has lots of restaurants, parks, and shopping. At night, I’m hoping to attend an event at the Royal Albert Hall. Last year, I was blown away by the 9th annual Symphonic Rock concert we attended at the Royal Albert Hall.  The orchestra started with “Bittersweet Symphony” by The Verve which was spectacular and the rest of the concert got better and better. I remember looking around at intermission in awe that I was actually at the famous Albert Hall ~ it must be so surreal for the musicians who get to PERFORM there.  The Symphonic Rock is scheduled for May 2014 so we’ll miss it and I’m waiting for the “what’s on” calendar to update for the end of July. I have no doubt whatever we go to will be entertaining.

London Royal Albert Hall

The audience at the Royal Albert Hall

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