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This was our second visit to the small but lively town of St. Andrews, UK. There were a lot more golfers around town as opposed to our wintry visit last year. We stayed at “Ogstons on North Street.” A quaint B&B right in the center of town. Very convenient and a delicious breakfast was available each morning. We also had dinner at the inn one evening – yummy!

We visited St Andrews Cathedral and the Castle ruins. It’s interesting just to wander around and read the historic sign posts. Imagining what it must have been like when it was all one building. Must have been spectacular. We especially liked the view from the top of St Rule’s Tower ~ located next to the Cathedral area. A token from the Cathedral visitor’s center is required. We climbed the 500+ stairs to the top and were afforded a nice panoramic view of St. Andrews.

St Rule's Tower looking up
St Rule’s Tower ~ looking up

St Andrews St Rule's Tower View
View from St Rule’s Tower

The Cathedral ruins are quite impressive and it’s easy to imagine the scale of the building when standing close to the main altar area. It was founded in 1160 but not consecrated until 1318. It was a pilgrimage center until 1559 when it was destroyed during the reformation.

St Andrews Cathedral ruins
St. Andrews Cathedral

St. Andrews Castle was founded in the early 1200s and sits along the coastline. It is mostly ruins but you still get a sense of what it must have been like back in the 1400-1500s.

St Andrews Castle Grounds III
St Andrews Castle grounds

The most eerie part of the castle for me was the hideous “Bottle Dungeon” – prisoners were lowered into an unlit well. Truly, there was no escape possible and I can only imagine the terror they must have felt.

St Andrews Castle Bottle Dungeon

St ANdrews Castle Bottleneck prison cell
Bottle Dungeon

There are also tunnels below the castle. These were built by reformers who killed the Bishop and captured the castle. Their attackers also built a tunnel. It was interesting to go underneath the castle but, again, an eerie adventure.

St ANdrews Castle Tunnel
St Andrews Castle Tunnel

St Andrews Castle Logan
Castle Grounds

St Andrews Castle indoors
Inside the Castle

St Andrews Castle grounds
Castle Steps

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