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It’d be YEARS since I’ve seen the DC fireworks in person. We braved the mobs of people and checked out the show. We didn’t go to the National Mall but watched from a lawn overlooking the city so we avoided the complete crush that I’m sure was at the Memorials. We couldn’t have picked a better view and, besides the main fireworks, we were afforded a glimpse of multiple firework displays in the distance and on the horizon.

The weather was perfect ~ cool but not cold, low humidity and clear skies.

Fort Myer WA monument capitol helicoptor
Looking out to the Washington Monument and Capitol Building (notice the helicopter flying low)

Fort Myer Fireworks III

Fort Myer Fireworks II

Fort Myer Fireworks
It was a spectacular display of fireworks. They even had one part which spelled out USA.

We’re already planning next year’s adventure ~ we might even brave the crowds and see the fireworks from the Lincoln Memorial!

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