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NOTE: I didn’t get a chance to visit Turkey but my husband, John did and he agreed to share some of his photos of Old Ankara. Turkey is definitely on my list to visit…

Ankara, Turkey’s capital, rises on a steep incline from the banks of the Enguri Su. It’s a modern European metropolis but has a few reminders of its history.  John spent most of his time in Old Ankara.  It’s the most traditional part of Ankara with families living within the walls of The Citadel.
Turkey V

Walking in Old Ankara

Turkey The Citadel

The Citadel originally dates from the 7th century during The Byzantine Empire and the markets below

Turkey small shop

Night stroll through Old Ankara

Turkey Roman ruins turned into a park bench

Park bench made from Roman ruins ~ the ultimate in repurposing

Turkey Miniet

The Citadel Mosque which dates from the 12th century ~ but has been rebuilt though out the years.

Turkey markets at the bottom of the Citadel

The Citadel and Turkish Market in Old Ankara ~ view from tea shop

Turkey market

Dried fruits and nuts in Old Ankara Market. Pistachios are delicious…

Turkey IV

Shops on a winding road in Old Ankara

Turkey III

Near a wool shop in Old Ankara ~ bag of wool next to the table

Turkey Carpet Shop

Carpet shop with photo of Ataturk

Turkey Carpet Shop I

Beautiful carpets in Old Ankara Shop

Turkey Ankara

View of Ankara

Turkish Cafe

Delicious (and strong) Turkish coffee and a piece of Turkish delight ~ good way to start or end the day in Ankara

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