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We started going on Volksmarches soon after arriving in Germany. Every Thursday, the Stars and Stripes lists upcoming Volksmarches in the travel section. Since Logan was only three when we started, we would partake in the 5k walks and the dogs came with us. As years passed, FG could handle the 10k but the dogs were getting too old for such a long walk.

If you are living in Germany, I highly recommend participating in a Volksmarch whenever you can. I have to admit, I was a fair-weathered walker but I went as often as I could. The walks are very well organized. The start/finish area always has good food & beer awaiting you.

From the first walk with our good friends the Drakes in 2001, with the Lows in 2003 to the last one with the Sharp family in 2005, I have very fond memories of walking through the towns and wooded areas of Germany. It was always a good time!

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Favorite photo of Sport ~ enjoying a run during our Volksmarch.

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