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Wigmore Hall

We attended a concert at Wigmore Hall last night.

It featured Rosalind Ventris (Viola) and Lara-Dodds Eden (Piano).  Just the two of them.  They played a new work  from Edwin Roxburgh and last night was the world premiere.  Personally, I thought it sounded like a soundtrack to a scary 60’s thriller ~ it was very edgy with lots of high-pitched, dark (dare I say creepy) notes on the viola and pounding of the keys on the piano. Logan loved it!  As a viola player herself, her perspective is a lot different from mine. She appreciates the technical aspect of the music.  The other three pieces were Schumann (Marchenbilder Op 113), Hindemith (Viola Sonata Op 11 No.4 and Rachmaninov (Cello Sonata in G Minor Op. 19 arr. Vadim Borisovsky).  All traditional and soothing to my senses.

Wigmore Hall was built in 1901, in Renaissance style (using alabaster and marble for the walls, flooring and stairway). The original owners were the German Piano company Bechstein. It was next door to their piano showrooms and was built for recitals. During WWI, and with hostility toward German companies, the entire Bechstein company was sold to Debenhams for a song (pun intended).

Today, there are concerts daily ~ some in the evening but also ones in the mornings and afternoons. I’ve been pouring over the October and November schedules to see which ones I’d like to attend next.  Logan has already picked out the Bach Cello Suites concert. If you go, there is a bar and restaurant so it’s a nice place to meet up with friends and have a drink or a bite to eat prior to the concert.

They also have learning events which reach out to young children with interactive music workshops such as the “Toddler Bop” for 1 -2 year olds, family days for 6+ year olds and “For Crying Out Loud” for up to one year olds. How fun is that…wish I’d had something like this to take Logan to when she was so young.  I did play classical music for her as much as possible. At first, I didn’t think it made a difference but then I noticed she cried whenever I played Tchaikovsky but was happy as could be with Bach and Beethoven.  That’s when I was convinced babies truly are sponges and everything in their environment affects them.

This gem of a place, located in Marylebone near the Bond Street tube station, is about four blocks from our flat. Have I mentioned how much I love the location of our new home?!  If you’re a chamber music fan, check out the schedule of upcoming concerts, you won’t be disappointed!

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