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The drive from Alexandria, Virginia was scheduled to take 2 hours and 45 minutes but due to multiple car accidents, it took a little over 4 hours.

Traffic on I95
Never a good sign when traffic is so backed up that people get out of their vehicles.

We still made it in time to walk around Colonial Williamsburg and have dinner at Aromas Restaurant.

Williamsburg Ambrosia Restaurant Patti and Logan
We chose to sit outdoors at Aromas Restaurant since the weather was so beautiful. Aromas is a casual restaurant with a good vegetarian selection. John had the Shrimp and Grits which was particularly yummy. Logan ate a Portobello mushroom burger with pesto. I had the Thai Vegetable Wrap with delicious mango pieces. If you’re in Williamsburg, I highly recommend Aromas as a casual, delicious and not too expensive place to eat. The cost for the three of us was under $30 including a bottle of water and a coffee. If you want to check out the menu, click here.

Colonial Williamsburg
Planning the rest of our visit

Colonial Parkway
We had a chance to drive on the gorgeous Colonial Parkway. No dividing lines!

Williamsburg Colonial House

Williamsburg Colonial town

Williamsburg Garden

Williamsburg Governors Palace

Williamsburg House

Williamsburg Logan and the water well

Williamsburg Pathway

Williamsburg Sheep Blue eyes
Blue eyed Sheep

So glad we finally made it to Williamsburg. We’ve been planning to come to the area a couple of times but have had to cancel for various reasons. Tomorrow we’re heading to Historic Jamestowne which is the first permanent English settlement in the US.

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