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Cleveland is not at the top of my favorite¬†places to visit but that’s where my husband’s family lives so over the years I’ve come to know the area more than I ever thought I would. Would I suggest it as a vacation destination, NO. But if you find yourself in the area, there’s lots to do and there are beautiful parts of the city/countryside.¬†¬† You just have to dig a little…

Here are some photos of our recent trip to downtown Cleveland:

The Higbee Building
Town City Hall, Cleveland, Ohio

Looking up II
Looking up

Looking out
Looking Out

Cleveland Winter Festival
Winterfest in Cleveland. Notice the “Leg” in lights on the building. A nod to “A Christmas Story” no doubt.

Cleveland view

Cleveland Stadiums
“How ’bout them Browns” or whatever the saying is…

Cleveland Soldier and Sailor Memorial Statue (2)
Inside the Soldier and Sailors Civil War Memorial (Cleveland)

Cleveland Soldier and Sailor memorial statue
Another Statue inside the Civil War Memorial

Cleveland Soldier and Sailor Memorial stained glass window
Stained Glass in the Civil War Memorial

Cleveland Shadows
Shadows in Cleveland

Cleveland Science Museum and the R&R hall of fame
Science Museum and the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Buildings

Cleveland Old Stone Church
Old Stone Church

Cleveland church
Old Stone Church from Above

Cleveland Key Building
The Key Building

Cleveland Christmas Festival
Scene from The Nutcracker at the Arcade

Cleveland Polka Festival
Lucky Us ~ we were just in time for the Polka Festival

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