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Edinburgh Castle View

I love Scotland ~ from Edinburgh to Inverness and all the way to the North Coast. The countryside, the people, the can’t quite put in to words feeling I get when I’m there.

On our 2013 drive through Scotland, my well-traveled (dare I say slightly jaded) 15-year-old said “Inverness speaks to my soul.” I have no doubt she will return to Scotland again and again.

We’ve been watching the debates, keeping an eye on the polls and now the day has come for Scotland to decide its future. Looks to be a nail-biter. My American heart is rooting for their independence but my economy-thinking brain can’t help but see the financial struggles looming for both Scotland and England. And even in Independence, there is an interdependence with other countries for security, finances, etc that can’t be ignored.

Such an important day in history and I wish only the best for Scotland and the wonderful Scottish people!

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