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Best Time Yet

FM must be like fine wine…he keeps getting better and better. The Ottawa Marathon on Sunday was his best marathon time yet. He was thrilled with his time of 3:58:06.

Unfortunately, FG and I didn’t get a chance to see him along the route ~ he was long gone by the time we got to the 38 KM mark. We timed it according to his past marathons and he was a good 20 minutes ahead of schedule.

FM’s observations of the Ottawa Marathon:
* Well Organized
* Ran through two Provinces ~ Ontario and Quebec
* No food along the route (bummer)
* Had the most hills of the marathons he’s run
* Liked the idea of putting the first name of the runner on the bib ~ it allowed spectators to yell out “GO, FM ~ You’re doing great!”
* Found the other runners a little more willing to chit chat (with french accents of course)

And he’s already talking about a fall marathon. Where to next?

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Weekend Visitors

We enjoyed having visitors this past weekend. Not only was my mom here, but 9 of FM’s family came for his Change of Command. It was great to see everyone and I especially liked catching up with Julie, Liz and Linda who I haven’t had a chance to talk to a lot in the past.

One unfortunate note: FG was particularly unpleasant and unsocial. Let’s just say she wouldn’t win Miss Congeniality. More like Miss Anti-Social. I had a long talk with her on Saturday morning and she finally came around and started acting like a normal person, but it was too late for her to apologize to Hayden (and Julie) for her behavior. FG did enjoy her Saturday showing Wally (her other cousin) the neighborhood, playing in the snow and going ice-skating. The evening was spent playing game-boy. All kid fun.

FM’s change of command was wonderful and I was so proud to see him in front of his  battalion. Now if only I can do the family members justice. At least I had a great mentor who will no doubt help me through the rough spots and let me know if I’m way off base. Thanks, V.

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View of a marathon from a non-runner:

On the day of the New York City marathon, Logan  and I woke up at 4:30 to wish John good luck, we each gave him a hug & kiss goodbye, then it was straight back to bed until about 7:30 am.

The morning consisted of gathering breakfast from the local grocer near the hotel, watching the pre-marathon and start on TV, then out to shop at Lush, Macys, Ann Taylor and a few other small stores.

Unfortunately, we could only stay in our room until 1:00 pm so we stored our luggage with the bellstaff and walked to 2nd Avenue for a nice Italian lunch at Alfredo’s. At about 2:30 pm, we headed to the finish line at Central Park. We were able to find the “One Mile to Go” sign and decided to wait there to see FM. By this time it was a little before 3:00 and I was worried we missed him.  He’s consistent on his time at marathons but it’s so hard to know when he actually starts and we’d heard on TV that some people didn’t start until 30-40 minutes AFTER the starting sound at 10:10.

Although we never did see John run by (we must have missed him by a few minutes), Logan and I were totally entertained by the runners ~ many who had signs, lots waving their country flags, some were running in memory of loved ones, some were dressed up as well. I saw an Elvis, Banana-Man, Robin (From Batman) and Superman. Must have been all the leftover Halloween costumes.

Katie Holmes ran by looking fabulous as though she was out for a short jog.  She was wearing a NY FireDept cap and again, she was striking and certainly stood out in the crowd. I read in the newspaper later that Tom and Suri were waiting at the finish line.

Once we realized we’d missed John, Logan hailed us a cab and we headed back to the hotel to wait for him there.  It was a quick dinner at Houstons next door and off to the airport.

Too short a stay and a worrying week ahead ~ more on that in a bit.

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Elvis and Priscilla??

OK, my attempt at being Priscilla to FM’s Elvis was pretty lazy. FM, on the other hand, really got “into” being the King. We need to work on the hair and sideburns though and I’m hoping my sister, who lives close to Memphis, will have a better chance of getting an Elvis impersonator wig. Hint!

We spent the weekend in Ohio enjoying the annual Family Halloween party. After hearing fun stories about this family event, which alternates locations each year between the Michigan side of the family and the Ohio side, we were finally close enought to drive to the bash.

It’s nice to be within driving distance (an easy 6 hours) of Ohio so we can attend things like this with his family. From all the stories I’d heard, I was expecting it to be standing room only and very crowded but it was just right for me.

FM has a large, close and fun family. Since we’ve lived away from this area ever since we got married, I don’t know the family members well but love catching up with everyone when we get a chance to visit. It was so nice to be in Ohio and NOT be jet-lagged. We used to have to fly in from Germany and I was always exhausted for the first few days.

There is one family member who must have her very own Dorian Gray portrait hiding in her attic. She never seems to get any older or change in any way. She looks EXACTLY the same (in a good way) as when I first met her 13 years ago. I sure would like to know her youthful secret.

Some of the party-goers went all out with their costumes while others did not…I like the idea of a no-pressure costume party. The one I liked best (other than Elvis) was FM’s sister who dressed to look just like her dad ~ white beard and all. Several times during the party, I thought it was him instead of her. Very strange! But that’s what Halloween is all about, isn’t it??

Hope you have a strange and happy Halloween!

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the New York City Marathon. FM got selected through their lottery system and, barring any Battalion schedule conflicts, he’ll be running the NYC marathon come November. He’s VERY excited!

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Håfa adai, Adiós

Since we’ve only been here a year, it’s really hard to believe we’re being farewelled already. Very sad. On Thursday, the cadre at UOG ROTC got together to say goodbye to FM:

That man can never seem to have enough t-shirts or mugs.  Since we’re bursting at the seams with both items, I finally put my foot down about two years ago and told him he isn’t allowed to buy them anymore. So now I think he’s taken to begging for a mug or t-shirt, because at his farewell he got this t-shirt (which I have to admit is very nice and I wouldn’t mind one myself):

as well as several mugs.  He also got a beautiful glass latte stone with a wonderful inscription.  And I so didn’t expect the beautiful Santa Marian Kamalin, the patron saint of Guam,  pin. It’s wonderful and will be a truly precious reminder of Guam.

The group of people he works with are all wonderful and I know FM would love to stay here for another two years but, like I’ve said before, he’s also looking forward to the challenge his new assignment.

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It was 12 years ago today when I said “I DO” and, happily, after all these years, I’d still say “I do.”

I’d planned the wedding long distance since we were living at Ft. Riley and the wedding was in Charleston so I was prepared for minor hiccups during the event. In the end, all went well. We were surrounded by family and good friends~ what else could be more important?! The weather couldn’t have been better. The only glitch was I was late for the ceremony but that’s a story for another day. The priest did mention to FM it was the first time the BRIDE had been late for one of his weddings. That made FM sweat just a little 😉

Happy Anniversary to my Favorite Man ~ here’s to many more traveling years.

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Whole Lot of Shaking Going On…

I’ve noticed more tremors lately but FM never seems to feel them. It’s a little disconcerting to feel an earthquake then have someone else say “What earthquake? I didn’t feel anything.” At least, I have FG who feels them, too.

Today, FM felt his FIRST earthquake.  He was at work and heard a ‘bang’ like someone slammed a door, then the tremors started.  Meanwhile, I was waiting for FG to come out of school. While I was reading my magazine in the car, it felt like someone pushed the car then it started to shake. No matter how many times I feel them, I always think it’s me 🙂

The earthquake was a 4.6 on the richter scale  so 4.6 must be FM’s threshold to feel a tremor. Unless he’s sleeping, then it’s got to be at least a 7.5.

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Vaseline on a Stick

OK, I know how bad the title sounds and I would have included it in yesterday’s Marathon entry but FM just told me this tidbit. Unlike other marathons FM has run in, Guam’s Marathon did not include any food ~ NO FOOD, only water. Most long races have food stations with items such as bananas and oranges to replenish all the spent energy. Thankfully, FM had his own energy gels with him. Had I known, FG and I would have met him at various points along the course with food.

But there was something the Guam Marathon had at ‘Mile 18’ no other marathon had ~ Vaseline on a Stick. Literally, a tongue depressor stick with a scoop of vaseline on it. Not something I would have thought of, but FM, and I’m sure all those long distance runners out there would agree, said it was wonderful for all those chapped areas 😉 

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Guam Marathon 2007

Finish Line Guam Marathon Mar 2007

Today was the 36th Annual Guam Marathon. FM came in 16th place ~ this was his highest placing of the 5 marathons he’s run. There were only 41 finishers so I’m glad he placed so well 😉  More than 41 runners started the course but the hills and heat took its toll and a few caught the roving bus to the finish line. FM’s time was longer than previous marathons because this course included a lot of hills, started at 4:00 am and was a bit humid. Not that I’m making excuses for him but it’s one tough run.

The Guam Running Club organized the marathon and did a fabulous job with the marathon and the luncheon/awards ceremony. With only 41 finishers, each person was recognized with a medal and certificate. The Runner’s Club decided to award the bottom 5 with $20.00 gift certificates because the club thought they really EARNED it. It was encouraging for them. The top three men and women also earned checks for $50, $75 and $100 from IT&E.

FM is very happy he ran the Guam Marathon because it was the smallest marathon he’s run in and it’s unlikely he’ll have this chance again when we move to New York. It’ll be back to the crowds and being pushed around at the start line.

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