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Happy Birthday to John!

Favorite Girl and I had a nice birthday dinner waiting for John when he got home from work.  I even cooked chicken for him which is a big deal for this vegetarian girl 🙂  It was a recipe which required the least amount of “handling”.  We ate in the new breakfast nook because, after the removal of the wood paneling, we can’t seem to get tired of looking at it.

We made a double layer cake ~ chocolate cake with a layer of chocolate frosting in the middle and covered with vanilla frosting. Yummy!  And as you can see, Favorite Girl insisted on the exact number of candles on the cake:

Happy Birthday John ~ we love you!!

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House Updates

If you’re interested in seeing recent renovations to our house ~ head over to The House that Could.

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Here are a few photos from the Deployment Ceremony:

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Just like everyone else, life has been zooming along at a crazy pace. Work keeps me exceptionally busy but I’m enjoying the challenge. When I’m not at work, it feels a little like I’m just trying to maintain the housework ~ how can three people produce so much laundry. Oh, yeah ~ I have an 11 year old who likes to “try” on clothes and somehow those items end up in the laundry. Unfortunately, I wash a lot of clean clothes.

It’s still chilly here. Even today, the last day of May, the highs will be in the 50s. The cold weather doesn’t keep us in. Here are a couple photos of our sweater weather outdoor activities:

 Double Dutch Jumping with Favorite Girl and her friends. Talk about a trip down memory lane. In middle school, I spent all my recess and after-school time jump roping. I was in FANTASTIC shape then.  Hmm, maybe I should do this everyday.

Hiking with the Favorite Girl, Man, and the dogs.

More photos and updates to follow…

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One Year Anniversary

Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of Favorite Man being “in command” ~ it’s been a fun, busy and expensive year. We’ve been lucky since the unit hasn’t deployed this past year and the team has had a chance to train, get to know each other, and become a very cohesive entity.  Last year, we went to the annual Holiday reception and I remember thinking it went on for so long ~ I only knew a handful of people & was “chatted” out within 30 minutes. Yesterday, we went to the same annual reception and the time FLEW by ~ I didn’t have time to even say hi to everyone I knew.  Ah, but this is the problem with Army life. Just when you’re feeling so comfortable with a place and the people ~ either you move or they move! Never a dull moment…

There’s a lot of entertaining involved with FM’s job which I love and, to toot my own horn, have become quite proficient at it. Martha Stewart has nothing to fear but I can throw together a dinner buffet for 25 with 2 days notice, or have a sit down dinner for 15.  At the dinner for 15 this past Saturday, two of the women came over and asked “How do you make it look so easy?”  Wow ~ I’ve come a long way from “the curlers still in my hair when the door bell rings” as I did last January for our first big event. 

Oh, and it helps to have a generous neighbor (Thanks Angie) who lets me borrow steak knives, chairs, etc.

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Some Scary Fun

Last night was the start of “Halloween Week” with plenty of upcoming events over the next 6 nights. Favorite Man (FM) usually takes Favorite Girl (FG) to Halloween events. Mostly because he has as much fun as the kids do. We go together whenever we can but, last year, they went to the Andersen Air Force Base “Haunted House” ~ I skipped it. Not to be a snob, but how scary can it be with gorgeous warm weather and palm trees all around 😉 

Since FM is gone for the month of October, I took FG on the Haunted Hay Ride on post last night. As with most events I’ve been to at this post, it was very well-organized. Much like a ride at Disney. Long lines, but everything moved along smoothly. We were even transported to the location in a van decorated for the event, complete with skeletons on the front bumper.

The ride itself took us through the wooded area of Remington Park. Just being in the chilly, dark woods at night is scary but, with frightening creatures jumping out at every turn, the kids (OK, me too) were screaming and trying to hide. There was even a ghoul on a zip-line flying between the trees. My favorite was the “Jason” look-a-like who just followed the ride, but he looked and walked just like Jason Michael Myers from the movie “Halloween.”

The Hay Ride dropped us off at the “Haunted Pavilion” which seemed more like a fun house to me, but terrified the kids. The clowns were creepy as they always are to me. Once we traversed the Pavilion, it led us to a graveyard with ghouls at every turn. The only way back was walking through a wooded area and across a bridge. I thought one of the statues was a fake until it leaped out at us. Too much fun.

I don’t think I’ve laughed so hard in a long time. Don’t get me wrong, it was plenty scary but it was so much fun watching the kids get such a “scare” out of it all. Or, maybe, it was a nervous laughter.

We’re going to miss spending Halloween with FM’s family this year since we had so much fun at their costume party last year. We’re just hoping FM makes it back home in time to Trick or Treat with FG. She doesn’t have many years left of going door to door.

 When do kids age out of trick or treating?

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Beachbums Update

First off, I have no idea where the last two weeks went ~ it seems to be going by at warp speed. There’s so many volunteer opportunities available on a military base and it’s hard not to get overly involved. I’m thinking I need to get a job so I won’t be quite so busy.    😉

FG is part of the Cheerleading team this fall and is enjoying every minute of it. The schedule is pretty intense: it was two hours every week night in August and now it’s three nights a week. Thankfully, there are three other girls on the street who also cheer so we’re able to car pool and only have to drive once a week.

FM is traveling a little more these days. Last week, he went to Walter Reed Army Hospital to visit wounded soldiers from his unit. It’s so sad they’re still there a year later but thankfully they are all outpatients at this point and are doing better. I coordinated the goodie bags for this trip (we try to send something at least every other month) and was thrilled everyone is so willing to bake goodies for the soldiers. The bags were packed full of home made yummies. 

FM missed seeing Gene Simmons from KISS, Celebrity Apprentice and the current A&E show “Family Jewels“, by a couple days. Gene Simmons was at Walter Reed on Friday and FM got there on Sunday. Gene is a huge supporter of the military and has visited Walter Reed patients in the past. I’m sure the soldiers are glad they’re not forgotten while they mend.

FM’s birthday came and went last week without a whole lot of fanfare. He didn’t get home from DC until early evening on his b’day so FG & I decided to take him to the Lonestar Steakhouse restaurant. May not seem like a lot but, for two vegetarians, it was quite a sacrifice. We were both apalled by the butcher-like meat display at the entrance of the restaurant, but the bread and salad were tasty enough. I’m secretly glad FM’s ribs were so-so and he has no big desire to go back anytime soon. It’s back to Panera Bread for FG & I.  Yummy!

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