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Labor Day 2009

For me, Labor Day has always been a fun day off ~ the last long weekend before school starts. But this year, I’ve been reflecting a little more on this Labor Day and how thankful I am to have a great job in this crazy economy.

It isn’t easy keeping up with a “career” as I follow Favorite Man around the world in this ever changing Army lifestyle. Everytime we move, I give up my job and wait to see what’s available at the new post. I lucked out once again when I landed a GREAT job here that’s not only challenging but it pays enough to keep us traveling.  An added bonus, my boss is wonderful and the people I work with are nice.

Happy Labor Day to all and I hope you love what you’re doing ~ if not, I hope you find your dream job soon! Keep looking, it’s out there.

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Just like everyone else, life has been zooming along at a crazy pace. Work keeps me exceptionally busy but I’m enjoying the challenge. When I’m not at work, it feels a little like I’m just trying to maintain the housework ~ how can three people produce so much laundry. Oh, yeah ~ I have an 11 year old who likes to “try” on clothes and somehow those items end up in the laundry. Unfortunately, I wash a lot of clean clothes.

It’s still chilly here. Even today, the last day of May, the highs will be in the 50s. The cold weather doesn’t keep us in. Here are a couple photos of our sweater weather outdoor activities:

 Double Dutch Jumping with Favorite Girl and her friends. Talk about a trip down memory lane. In middle school, I spent all my recess and after-school time jump roping. I was in FANTASTIC shape then.  Hmm, maybe I should do this everyday.

Hiking with the Favorite Girl, Man, and the dogs.

More photos and updates to follow…

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Calendar Scrub

I’ve got three netflix movies waiting to be watched. I missed two big birthdays this week: my good friend, Dave and Favorite Man’s niece who’s turning 18.  My house is a mess and I haven’t cooked dinner in a week  month.  Seriously, where did my time management skills go?

Favorite Man and I attempt to sync our calendars on a weekly basis so my goal is to get ahead of the curve especially with birthdays, but I need to give it more time and effort.


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Last night, we enjoyed gathering with friends for a belated St. Patrick’s Day celebration. As a long-time celebrator of St. Patrick’s Day, I know it’s not proper to have a party AFTER the day passes BUT, this year, Favorite Man was away training and his friend’s who were hosting the event wanted to wait for his return. Very nice of them. Personally, I think they wanted to see him in his kooky green bow-tie and leprechaun shoes (not shown).

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Loving the New Job

It’s been over a month since I started my new job and I’m loving it. I’m still having a time-management problem which is mainly because I try to do too much before work and during my lunch hour. My mom has been here about a month and we’ve all come to rely on her so much. Favorite Man even called her the other night with his dinner order 🙂 It’s going to be an adjustment when she leaves tomorrow. We’re already making plans for a return visit this summer. She’s only been here during the winter months and I think it’s only fair she should see the area during the beautiful summer and fall seasons. Unlike these crazy winter months…

As I was walking into work the other morning and the temperature was -13, I was thinking how oblivious I was last year with regards to the weather. If it was snowing or too cold, I just stayed inside by the fire. I honestly thought the winter wasn’t so bad and couldn’t understand why some people complained so much. Now that I have to actually get out in the elements, I have a whole new opinion about the weather. No doubt, I will appreciate the warmer weather even more now.

Speaking of delusional, I need to purchase warmer work clothes and, for the briefest moment, I thought “Well, it’s already the middle of January so maybe I can make it through to spring” and then I remembered we skied through March and it didn’t warm up until June. Surely, it would be a wise investment to buy more winter gear. 

 Back to the job ~ it’s been great so far and we’re getting busier which I prefer to the holiday lull we just went through. My boss is very competent which translates into a smooth running office ~ at least for me. There’s nothing worse than a boss who flails around and you have to pick up the slack. 

Originally, I was worried about taking the job because I’m very involved in the Family Readiness Group (FRG) and thought people might think I was “abandoning” them. BUT I’ve found I’m an example to some of the spouses who now see that I can still participate in the FRG and work a full-time job. I’ve noticed several new faces at the unit get-togethers and they all want to know about my new position. A couple have even mentioned getting involved in the FRG. WOW! It’s an unexpected but welcome reation to my working.

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Happy New Year!

For the second year in a row, we spent New Year’s eve just down the street with our friends and neighbors. It’s so nice to do something in the same location for a second year in a row. Some of our friends here laugh that we’re so excited to be settled for a few years. A surprising number of army families have managed to stay here for 5, 6 and even 9 years. That’s almost unheard of for a military family, but not here. 

Being at the party was fun but there’s always such an undercurrent of  mixed emotions at every military get-together ~ at least here, the most deployed division in the army. There was a couple who were recently reunited after he’d been away in Iraq for 15 months (very content), there was a friend whose husband is currently away but he’ll be home within the month (very happy) and then there was the couple whose husband is leaving in 3 days for a year (melancholy). I’m grateful, unless things change drastically, that Favorite Man isn’t going anywhere for a year. And yet, I couldn’t help but think  I’ll be the melancholy one next New Year’s Eve.

We left the party about 10 minutes BEFORE midnight so we could come home to watch the ball drop at Times Square with my mom.  She didn’t want to go out into the freezing temps nor the snow so she stayed at home. No doubt enjoying the peace and quiet. Not sure if she appreciated our raucous return, Favorite Girl was especially keyed up.

Favorite Girl is on her last day of Christmas break. She’s anxious to get back to her friends at school. She truly loves going to school! How I hope that will last for many, many years! We found out recently her three closest friends are moving at the end of the school year. Ah, the army lifestyle ~ even if you get to stay, someone else has to move.  In preparation for what is sure to be a sad beginning to summer break, I’m working on her summer plans. Favorite Man is interested in taking a “big” trip somewhere warm and FG is begging to go to overnight camp. Unfortunately, the camp she’s decided she wants to go to is for a minimum of 3 weeks! Yikes, I miss her too much when she’s at a sleep-over. Three weeks would be too much for me to handle. Isn’t 10 too young for overnight camp? I was 12 or 13 before I went away to camp.  Any suggestions or comments are always welcome!

I, too, was keyed up after the party so I stayed up finishing Twilight. Didn’t get to sleep until after 4 am. So unlike me but I really enjoyed the book. FG is pushing me to start the next book in the series, New Moon,  but I don’t want to get “vampire” overload. Plus, I really need to finish Me Talk Pretty One Day… where were all these good books BEFORE I started working and had so much more time to read?

Wishing everyone a HAPPY & HEALTHY New Year!

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas ~ hope everyone is having a joyful day! We certainly are.

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Well Wishes to My Sister-In-Law

UPDATE: I spoke with JR today and she sounded surprisingly good. I’m praying she’ll have a speedy recovery.  

My sister-in-law, JR, is dealing with a sudden and serious medical condition. I’ve thought of little else since I heard about it on Sunday afternoon. Please keep her in your prayers ~

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The snow certainly adds to the outdoor Christmas decorations. When I went out early this morning (about 5 am) to take this photo, I saw deer tracks in the snow leading up to the houses. It looks like the deer was checking out the shrubbery peaking out of the snow. I’m thinking of getting a “salt lick” for the deer to enjoy during these cold winter months.  

My favorite decorations are the palm trees ~ they never fail to make me smile when I see them. Maybe I should leave them up all year 😉

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Snow Much Fun!

I’ve decided snow is a lot more fun when I can stay home next to the fire, drink hot chocolate and read a book ~ not so much fun when I have to drive to work in it and then have to spend 15 minutes “de-snowing” my car before going home.

By the way, I’m loving the new job. It’s been a crazy, busy week but I’m happy to be back in the mix of things. Favorite Girl is proud of me too ~ she loves to critique my work outfits.

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