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Well Wishes to My Sister-In-Law

UPDATE: I spoke with JR today and she sounded surprisingly good. I’m praying she’ll have a speedy recovery.  

My sister-in-law, JR, is dealing with a sudden and serious medical condition. I’ve thought of little else since I heard about it on Sunday afternoon. Please keep her in your prayers ~

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The snow certainly adds to the outdoor Christmas decorations. When I went out early this morning (about 5 am) to take this photo, I saw deer tracks in the snow leading up to the houses. It looks like the deer was checking out the shrubbery peaking out of the snow. I’m thinking of getting a “salt lick” for the deer to enjoy during these cold winter months.  

My favorite decorations are the palm trees ~ they never fail to make me smile when I see them. Maybe I should leave them up all year 😉

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Snow Much Fun!

I’ve decided snow is a lot more fun when I can stay home next to the fire, drink hot chocolate and read a book ~ not so much fun when I have to drive to work in it and then have to spend 15 minutes “de-snowing” my car before going home.

By the way, I’m loving the new job. It’s been a crazy, busy week but I’m happy to be back in the mix of things. Favorite Girl is proud of me too ~ she loves to critique my work outfits.

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One Year Anniversary

Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of Favorite Man being “in command” ~ it’s been a fun, busy and expensive year. We’ve been lucky since the unit hasn’t deployed this past year and the team has had a chance to train, get to know each other, and become a very cohesive entity.  Last year, we went to the annual Holiday reception and I remember thinking it went on for so long ~ I only knew a handful of people & was “chatted” out within 30 minutes. Yesterday, we went to the same annual reception and the time FLEW by ~ I didn’t have time to even say hi to everyone I knew.  Ah, but this is the problem with Army life. Just when you’re feeling so comfortable with a place and the people ~ either you move or they move! Never a dull moment…

There’s a lot of entertaining involved with FM’s job which I love and, to toot my own horn, have become quite proficient at it. Martha Stewart has nothing to fear but I can throw together a dinner buffet for 25 with 2 days notice, or have a sit down dinner for 15.  At the dinner for 15 this past Saturday, two of the women came over and asked “How do you make it look so easy?”  Wow ~ I’ve come a long way from “the curlers still in my hair when the door bell rings” as I did last January for our first big event. 

Oh, and it helps to have a generous neighbor (Thanks Angie) who lets me borrow steak knives, chairs, etc.

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Opting Back In

After three years as a stay at home mom (SAHM), I’m opting back in to the “out of the home” workplace. I start on Monday and I’m more than a little apprenhensive about getting back into the groove. I’m not used to keeping to a schedule. Even though I keep busy with volunteer work, it’s not the same ~ schedules can be changed in the volunteer world, not so much in the “paid” one.

First thing I need to get is a watch ~ I haven’t worn one in years!!

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Normally, I wouldn’t talk about someone’s deficiencies at work; mainly because I’m the first to admit I’ve had my share of goofy mistakes. But, the other day, when a repairman came to the house to fix the faulty flourescent light in the kitchen, I started thinking I was on a candid camera show. It just got worse and worse the more he got involved in the light repair.

After apologizing for the delay (it’d been three weeks), he explained he went to the wrong house a week or so ago and the woman there said “Light is fine” and he never bothered to double check the address. Nice of him to admit it. Then he got the cover off the light, had the wirecutters ready and the wires pulled. Meanwhile, the power is still ON. Just as I was about to say “Do you want me to cut the power?”, the door bell rang and thank goodness it was the supervisor coming to help. 

OK, we cut the power then they started doing the rewiring. When the supervisor said “cut the yellow wire” the other guy said “I’m colorblind, can you tell me left hand or right hand.”  Really? Is this a joke? How did he plan to fix this without being able to see the difference in wires. Then he admitted he did the same job once before but the woman at the house was an electrician so she walked him through it. I was trying very hard not to laugh at the conversation. He was such a NICE guy and so honest about the whole thing. 

Thankfully, as they were leaving I heard the supervisor say “You need to let them know you can’t do anymore electrical jobs because you’re color blind.”  That’s the best advice I heard all day!

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Gave It A Try

Favorite Girl has been very curious about all the media hoopla regarding “Black Friday” and, since we’ve never gone shopping on the day after Thanksgiving, we got up at 5:15 am in order to give it a try. My intent was more for people-watching and the experience, rather then actually shopping. I was shocked at the number of people out so early. As we drove past Wal-Mart, I noticed EVERY parking spot was taken.

Our first stop was at Kohls and, as I walked in, I noticed the extremely long lines at the check-out. So we poked around, didn’t see anything we couldn’t live without and left. Next stop was Panera Bread for breakfast. We went to the mall, picked up a couple things, then came home to take a nap.

After all was said and done, once was enough for me.  It’s back to sitting next to the fireplace with the TV on and shopping on-line.

Did anyone else brave the early morning craziness?

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