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Birthday in London

Thoroughly enjoyed my birthday yesterday.  Since we feel like we’re living in the days of wine and roses here in London,  John got real wine (my favorite: Chateauneuf-du-Pape) and red roses for me:

If you squint and look very closely at the photo, those are tickets from Logan to “Billy Elliott” at the Victoria Palace Theater ~ which I can’t rave enough about.  I’m in awe of the actors since it’s a demanding musical but especially the kids.  The amount of talent is amazing.  Loved the story line, the cast enthusiasm, the songs, the dances and, on the practical side, it was 15 minutes door to door (on the tube).  Did I mention I love living in London?!


What made this year even more special is I usually don’t celebrate much for the “big day”  At first,  it was because my dad died on my 25th birthday. For years, I didn’t celebrate at all.  But once Logan was old enough to understand birthdays, she’s made it her mission to make sure I enjoyed mine.  But even with the best of intentions, events sometime overtake the day. Last year, in early September, we had two tropical storms and an earthquake hit the Northern Virginia area, causing water to seep into our basement.  We decided to waterproof it completely which meant on my birthday, I was listening to the sound of jack hammers tearing up the basement floor:

This year, I only had sweet sounds to listen to and my favorite was John and Logan singing “Happy Birthday” while I blew out the candles on my chocolate macaroons (goodbye cupcakes, hello macaroons) ~ doesn’t get better than that.

Now about the age thing, I’ve decided to start counting backwards!!

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Timing for celebrating a birthday which falls on a Monday doesn’t work well due to busy school and work schedules.  We did take Logan out for a birthday dinner on the big day but decided to wait until following Saturday to have a small party with a few friends.


It ended up being a “birthday week”  ~ no complaints from Logan.

On Saturday, Favorite Girl invited a few friends over to have dinner, play few games and, of course, enjoy cake (or in her case cupcakes).

Her friends are so sweet:

Cupcakes were requested instead of a cake on both days (the actual birthday and the party day) so John made several trips to our favorite cupcake place, Georgetown Cupcakes.

Happy Birthday to my Favorite Girl!

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Happy Birthday to John!

Favorite Girl and I had a nice birthday dinner waiting for John when he got home from work.  I even cooked chicken for him which is a big deal for this vegetarian girl 🙂  It was a recipe which required the least amount of “handling”.  We ate in the new breakfast nook because, after the removal of the wood paneling, we can’t seem to get tired of looking at it.

We made a double layer cake ~ chocolate cake with a layer of chocolate frosting in the middle and covered with vanilla frosting. Yummy!  And as you can see, Favorite Girl insisted on the exact number of candles on the cake:

Happy Birthday John ~ we love you!!

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Birthday Memories

My recent visit to Caneel Bay and Little Dix Bay brought back a flood of memories of my Dad. He enjoyed island living as much as I do. Today is his birthday and you can go here for my original post. Here’s a photo of him enjoying two of his favorite past-times, the beach and running:

Happy Birthday, Dad ~ we miss you!

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This year, I had a couple different ideas for FG’s birthday party but I couldn’t resisit having the party at a local waterpark called Tarza, since in the past, we always had to do indoor events. FM and FG have gone there several times but this was my first visit. It was a lot of fun. My favorite slide was the master blaster:

You sit in an inner tube and the water pushes you up to the other slides ~ sorta like a “inner tube lift.” I laughed so hard I thought the water might go up my nose 😉 

A good time was had by all and this might have to be the birthday tradition while we’re here.

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My Favorite Girl is NINE!

It’s hard for me to believe FG’s already nine! She’s been the joy of my life since I found out we were having her. And I couldn’t have asked for a better daughter if I had gone to the “children store” and picked her out myself.

This is how the German Kindergarten in Neunkirchen treated the children on their birthdays. They were Princess (or Prince) for the day ~ complete with crown and throne!

We had a German magician for her 5th birthday and he was such a hit with the children that we booked him again for her 6th birthday. Unfortunately, he wasn’t available for her 7th birthday (yes, she really wanted him there again) so I went with a substitute magician who was Italian. He was no “Zauberer” but he was funny enough for the kids. Our neighbor, Ryan laughed throughout the entire show. Below is FG with the German magician:


We have FG’s ninth birthday celebration scheduled for Saturday and I hope we can live up to past parties. It’ll be nice to celebrate in warm weather for once ~ since her birthday is in January there was always a fear of cancelling due to snow.  No chance of snow this weekend 🙂

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Happy Birthday to…

…Heidi, Christy and my mother-in-law, Phyllis.

Since I know three people celebrating their birthday today, I looked up some trivia about 19 January:

Others born on 19 January: Robert Palmer, Dolly Parton, Janis Joplin, Edgar Allan Poe and Robert E. Lee.

Historic events on 19 January:

  • 1903      First trans-atlantic radio broadcast between the U.S. and England
  • 1937      Howard Hughes set a new air record by flying from L.A. to N.Y.C. in 7 hrs, 28 minutes, 25 seconds
  • 1953      68% of all U.S. television sets were tuned into “I Love Lucy” to watch Lucy give birth
  • 1977      Snow falls in Miami – only time in recorded history of the city
  • 1978      The last Volkswagen Beetle made in Germany left the plant in Emden.  

Happy Birthday!!!

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Happy Birthday, Mom!

Sorry we’re not there to help celebrate ~ hopefully next year we’ll be closer! Have fun.

We love and miss you.

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Birthday Wishes

Happy Birthday (a day early) to my favorite sister, Jo.

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My dad died on my birthday 20 years ago today. It would be 7 years until I felt like celebrating my birthday again and in 1993, a group of us ‘Hotlanta’ singles went out on the town. Because it was my birthday, I got to chose where we would go and it was a foregone conclusion that I would pick the County Cork Irish Pub. I always had fun there.

After a couple of ‘black & tans’, I was told I could “pick out” someone that we would all go over and talk to. I surveyed the pub and settled on a clean-cut, about our age guy who was sitting at the bar.  If I remember correctly, we sent Wendy over first since she was the ‘hottie’ of the group. Seriously, heads ALWAYS turned when she entered a room.  The rest of us joined the conversation and after a few minutes, I knew this guy was not for me. Seemed nice enough but not my type. 😉  As my friend, Stacy described it: my eyes glazed over and I totally lost interest in the conversation. BUT she was particularly smitten and they really hit it off. Stacy was a master at flirtation so he was done for.

Here’s where destiny comes in: Stacy began dating Scott which led me to playing racquetball with him which led to my being invited to his “football watching” party in October. Scott invited a buddy of his from Ft. Benning who turned out to be my future husband. Scott ended up being the best man at our wedding and Stacy my maid of honor. Unfortunately, they split up after our wedding but thankfully for me they hit it off at the pub so I had a chance to meet FM. ▼

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