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Hello to Springtime
Bright Sakura from Japan
Brief but beautiful

Predicting the peak Cherry Blossom bloom time in Washington DC is a “no win” situation just like those embattled school officials deciding whether or not to call a snow day. We’ve had visitors ask us when they should plan their vacations to see the Cherry Blossoms but there’s never a guarantee. The Cherry Blossoms are beautiful but extremely fickle. We felt very lucky when we visited Tokyo for a week in 2007 and the Sakura were still in bloom:

Cherry Blossom Tree
Japanese Park with beautiful Cherry Blossom Trees and a bicycling policeman

Cherry Blossom and Logan
Enjoying the view of the lake and Cherry Blossoms

Cherry blossom tree Japan
Cherry Blossom Tree and Japanese Temple

View from New Sanno Hotel, overlooking French Embassy
View of a Cherry Blossom tree from our hotel room

As we anticipate the 2015 Cherry Blossom season here in Washington DC this year, I’ve got my camera at the ready!

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Walking in the Woods

Leaves falling slowly
like technicolor snowflakes
carpeting my path

I’m beginning to understand FMs love of distance running without music. 

I found a wonderful walking trail which winds through the woods next to a lake. In the past, I’ve always found a walking partner soon after arriving at a new post. It’s so much easier to get motivated to walk when someone is waiting on you, plus I love chatting while walking.

I’ve yet to find a walking partner here and, although my faithful canine companions are good company, it’s a very quiet walk for me.  I don’t own an ipod or the like so it’s just me and the dogs. I’ve noticed that the first mile or so, my mind races with my to-do list, what annoyed me on the morning news, etc. The second mile is usually about things which require a little more creative thought such as what I might want to write about on my blog, upcoming travels, FM, FG, friends, etc. During the last mile, I feel completely in the moment ~ enjoying the walk, the dogs, the woods, even the snake I ran across on the trail.

It’s during those quiet times when Haiku lines pop into my head, but don’t worry, I’ll spare you the Haiku about the “honking Canadian Geese” which flew overhead yesterday. Not sure why my thoughts drift to Haiku ~ maybe because I have so many Japanese characteristics. My dad used to comment how I must have been Japanese in my last life but, since he’d lived in Japan for many years and even spoke the language, maybe I picked things up from him. Or from all my Japanese friends in Hawaii.

All these creative thoughts on my walks are making me rethink if I even want to find a walking partner here 😉

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Haiku for you

Swaying with the Birch Tree.

I love the sound of wind flowing through the birch trees and thought up this Haiku:

Birch tree leaves flutter
singing softly with the wind
moving so gently

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