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Hello to Springtime
Bright Sakura from Japan
Brief but beautiful

Predicting the peak Cherry Blossom bloom time in Washington DC is a “no win” situation just like those embattled school officials deciding whether or not to call a snow day. We’ve had visitors ask us when they should plan their vacations to see the Cherry Blossoms but there’s never a guarantee. The Cherry Blossoms are beautiful but extremely fickle. We felt very lucky when we visited Tokyo for a week in 2007 and the Sakura were still in bloom:

Cherry Blossom Tree
Japanese Park with beautiful Cherry Blossom Trees and a bicycling policeman

Cherry Blossom and Logan
Enjoying the view of the lake and Cherry Blossoms

Cherry blossom tree Japan
Cherry Blossom Tree and Japanese Temple

View from New Sanno Hotel, overlooking French Embassy
View of a Cherry Blossom tree from our hotel room

As we anticipate the 2015 Cherry Blossom season here in Washington DC this year, I’ve got my camera at the ready!

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Spring in Tokyo

Tokyo Tower

We arrived last night in Tokyo! We’re loving all the sights and sounds the big city of 12 million has to offer.

It was an hour and 15 minute drive from Narita Airport to The New Sanno Hotel ~ FG was sleeping on the bus before we left the terminal. The New Sanno is an Armed Forces Recreation Center run by the Navy. It’s a good deal if you’re an ID card holder. Great location and inexpensive. They were sold out for tonight so we moved to the ANA Intercontinental Hotel which is especially luxurious. It’s a fun one night splurge. We’re back to the New Sanno tomororw.We managed to get in a full day of sight seeing. We walked from The New Sanno to a beautiful park named Arisugawa. The cherry blossom trees are blooming everywhere in Tokyo and the park was no exception.

After we moved to ANA Intercontinental, we walked around the Roppongi area. Lots of shops and restaurants. We then went to the top of the Tokyo Tower which is the tallest free standing iron structure in the world. It’s 13m higher then the Eiffel Tower. The view from the top was spectacular but we couldn’t see Mt. Fugi due to low lying clouds. The tower opened in 1958 and is lit up in orange lights in the winter/spring and then in incandescent white lights in summer. We have a direct view of the tower from our room at the ANA hotel. Perhaps that’s why the beer at the rooftop bar on the 36th floor is $10.00 a bottle.

FG got to choose the dinner location and she went with ~ Hard Rock Tokyo. She added yet another HR t-shirt to her collection. After dinner, we stumbled on to a Lush store. Very expensive but I was running low so I couldn’t resist a bath bomb or three. For those who don’t know, Lush is an all-natural soap/body care company. They smell wonderful so I stock up when ever I’m in a location that has a Lush store.

Tomorrow is Easter and we think we found an English speaking mass. After mass, we’re heading to the New Sanno Easter Brunch extravaganza and we might even see the Easter Bunny.

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