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One of Those Days…

Today’s been a little tougher than usual. I got off of work early due to comp time and took Favorite Girl to see “Confessions of a Shopaholic” ~ she loved it, but I recommend waiting for the DVD.

Then the day went downhill: we were still at the mall and bought some cinnamon sticks. We sat down on a bench in the mall to eat them. A few minutes later, a couple with two kids sat down on the bench behind us. The man started yelling at the little girl, who I’d guess was about 4 years old, with rather vulgar language. I stood up to leave and my disgust must have been all over my face because he looked at me and said “you don’t like my language do you”?  When I said “No I don’t” his wife pipes in with “Well, then don’t listen to him” OH.NO.SHE.DIDN’T.   I could barely believe it and my only comeback was “The only way I could ‘not’  listen to you is if I was wearing earplugs.”  They looked very familiar to me but I couldn’t place them ~ probably works for FM.

A little later, we were heading out to dinner and I decided to make a quick stop at a friend’s house to drop off some photos. As I was leaving, her dog took a bite at my leg. After 40+ years of being around all kinds of dogs, including pits, dobys, rottweilers & wolf hybrids, I get bit walking out the door by a poofy little peep-squeak of a dog. No blood, but I admit shedding a few tears ~ it really hurt.

Definitely ruined my appetite and now I have a big crescent bruise on my lower leg. I can honestly say it was the first time I wanted to drop-kick a dog.

Hey, come to think of it, I wanted to drop-kick the “swearing” man as well. 

The Gym is offering a kick boxing class after work and I need to take it to get rid of this new found rage I’m feeling.

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Want a Blood Sample, Too?!

As someone who has worked in Sales and Marketing, I completely understand a company wanting to gather demographic information and normally, I don’t mind but they are starting to get a little too intrusive for me. Everywhere we shopped on our cross country trip, cashiers would ask for our zip code. It was funny to see their reactions when we said we didn’t have one ~ in reality, we really were homeless for those couple months.

Since arriving in NY, I’ve been asked for both zip code and phone number. Zip code is OK with me but phone number is off limits. Today, FG got her ears pierced. I had to sign a waiver since she’s under 18 and they required ID from me. At first, I showed my military ID but when I saw she was going to enter my social security in her computer, I asked for her to use my driver’s license. I still didn’t like that she entered my full name and birthdate which is now used a lot for medical records identification.

Then, I purchased a pair of leggings, for cash with exact change, at “Limited, Too.” They have way too cute clothes for girls. The cashier asked for my phone number to which I said was “unlisted.” She then asked for FG’s birth-date which made me REALLY CRANKY.  Why can’t they just ask “How old is your child?” That’s really the information they want.

If companies keep annoying me like this, I’ll have to always pay cash and will refuse to give ANY usable information at all. I’ll be that person in the Visa commercial who gets the nasty looks for paying with cash 😉

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Waiting to Inhale

There’s been a terrible haze over Guam the last few days. The first I noticed it was last Thursday when I kept cleaning my glasses thinking they were dirty. Then when it got thicker, I thought maybe it was the local trash dump on fire.

Turns out it’s pollution from China. And like the linked article states, China is one big conveyor belt of polluted air. The last two days in Guam have been awful ~ so bad that I cancelled my weekly golf outing because I can’t stand to be outside. It’s smelly and makes my nose itch. The air even tastes bad.

A lot of people pooh-pooh global warming BUT I see nothing wrong with trying to clean up large polluting cities so “innocent” countries don’t have to deal with the fall-out. I really didn’t expect the pollution of China, which is two thousand miles away, to affect me here in Guam and it’s been quite disturbing to contemplate how the actions of others has such a big impact on the rest of the world.

From what I’ve read, the Chinese government is making a sincere attempt to clean up their cities especially in Beijing, where the air pollution index is highest and where the Olympic will be held in 2008. For everyone’s sake, let’s hope they get it right.

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Hooters Benefit a Bust!

I just read that the Los Angeles Animal Services is not going to accept money raised at a Hooters fundraiser called “Hooters for Neuters” ~ there was a lot of pressure put on the Director of Animal Services not to sully the good name of Los Angeles by being associated with Hooters. Personally, I have never stepped foot into a Hooters restaurant and don’t plan to anytime soon but FM assures me that they have great food. It must be good since I see multiple charges from Hooters on the credit card whenever he happens to be on TDY. Something about the ribs being good.

Back to the animal shelter…is it me or does this seem a little too “PC” ~ especially coming from L.A. where every other movie out of Hollywood objectifies or degrades women. Why don’t these “protesters” start with movies, TV and music videos rather than a fundraiser for animal services?! Seems a little sad that the animals suffer for a misguided attempt to be on the moral high ground. There are 19,500 animals killed by Animal Control of L.A. each year, so worrying about a bikini contest, when the women are willing participants and wearing about the same thing they wear to work, seems a little silly to me. My suggestion is throw in a couple of hunks in speedos and we’ll call it even.

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Who’s in my parking spot?

I'm not a big fan of assigned parking. In fact, it's a bona-fide pet peeve of mine. Other than parking spots for handicapped, pregnant women, and volunteer/employee of the month, there really is no need for assigned spots. I'm OK with the General/Admiral/CEO/Chaplain having the primo spot at work only but everyone else should be fair game. It's such a little thing but can make a big impact on how people feel toward management and how they feel about the importance of their job. My theory is if you show up early for work you should get the best parking space.

While I was running my errands, I decided to check out the amount of assigned parking outside of the workplace and was shocked ~ 12 spaces at the Navy commissary, 10 at the officer's club/conference building, 7 at the NEX, 6 at the AF Commissary, 6 at the field house and, this one really gets me, 2 each at the chapels. Aren't we truly 'rankless' at church? 

A funny, and true, story from Ft. Riley(12 years ago): A newly married wife of a 1LT got reprimanded for parking in the "General Officer" parking space at the commissary. When she explained herself to the MPs, she said "But, my husband IS an officer and the sign said 'general' officer." She thought it meant general as in generic or any officer. 🙂

My vote is to paint over all the entitled spots!

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