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Hooters Benefit a Bust!

I just read that the Los Angeles Animal Services is not going to accept money raised at a Hooters fundraiser called “Hooters for Neuters” ~ there was a lot of pressure put on the Director of Animal Services not to sully the good name of Los Angeles by being associated with Hooters. Personally, I have never stepped foot into a Hooters restaurant and don’t plan to anytime soon but FM assures me that they have great food. It must be good since I see multiple charges from Hooters on the credit card whenever he happens to be on TDY. Something about the ribs being good.

Back to the animal shelter…is it me or does this seem a little too “PC” ~ especially coming from L.A. where every other movie out of Hollywood objectifies or degrades women. Why don’t these “protesters” start with movies, TV and music videos rather than a fundraiser for animal services?! Seems a little sad that the animals suffer for a misguided attempt to be on the moral high ground. There are 19,500 animals killed by Animal Control of L.A. each year, so worrying about a bikini contest, when the women are willing participants and wearing about the same thing they wear to work, seems a little silly to me. My suggestion is throw in a couple of hunks in speedos and we’ll call it even.

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