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With only 18 hours in York, we checked into the quaint Mount Royale Hotel and then went directly to the Minster. We made it in time to climb to the top and, lucky timing for us, we were just in time for the 5:15 Evensong. The sang at the entrance of the inner chapel area and then we hear them as we climbed the stairs to the top. It was truly a magical sound.

Mount Royale Hotel

York Minster II
York Minster

York along the narrow walkway to the top
Walkway to the top of the Minster

York View from the minster

York flying buttresses
Gothic architecture ~ Flying Buttresses

York Stained glass window
Stained Glass at the Minster

York Minster gallery of kings

York Minster lighting a candle

York Minster in the cellar
Minster basement area ~ old stone and foundation

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