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I’ve decided to impose a new rule when I plan a trip ~ if at all possible, two days minimum at one locale. I left both Glasgow and York feeling rushed. But even though we were limited on time, I still did one of my favorite things which is to wander the streets to get a feel for the area. Here’s what caught my interest, both the silly and the serious, as I meandered through York:

York gate into the city

Micklegate Bar (meaning Great Street) was the most important of York’s four main medieval gateways. At least six reigning monarchs have passed through this gate and the tradition is for them to stop at the entrance to ask York’s Lord Mayor’s permission to enter the city.

The lower section dates from the 12th century while the upper two stories are from the 14th. The building was originally inhabited in 1196 and, for centuries, the decapitated heads of traitors were posted above the gate. The last severed heads were removed in 1754. Thank Goodness…

York Roman Wall

York Roman Wall B&W

Thanks to the forethought of the citizens of York in the early 1800s, the medieval city walls of York are the most complete still standing in England today. The Roman walls survived well into the 9th century but then in 866, the Danish Vikings invaded York and went all Taliban (as when they destroyed the Buddha statues) on the wall and buried the existing Roman wall under the earth.

York looking for a restuarant
There are lots of restaurants ~ we had a hard time deciding where to have dinner.

York Pub
Pub in York

York yellow bike
The symbol of Yorkshire is the White Rose but in 2014, in honor of The Tour de France, York went YELLOW with painted yellow bikes showing up all over the city.

York Home
What a beautiful location for a beautiful home

York The Hat Company
Hat Shop

York Ghost Trail
York is considered the most haunted city in Europe but we didn’t have time for the ghost tour. Probably just as well ~ not Logan’s favorite subject matter.

York converted church to a bar
A church converted into a pub. Looks like a Bro hangout as evidenced by all the men hanging outside smoking.

York Constantine Statue
Constantine arrived in Britain with his father, the emperor Constantius, in 305. His father died the following year in York and, according to the succession rules, another Caesar should have become emperor. But the soldiers in York immediately proclaimed Constantine as their leader. He later became known as Constantine the Great because he managed to unite the whole of the Roman Empire under his rule.

The following photos are of the single, engaged and married in York:

York Saturday night club outfits
I definitely don’t have the shoes to join these ladies who were heading out for a night of clubbing.

York Hen Party
We saw no less than 15 Hen Parties in progress ~ good fun!

York Just Married
Just Married!

York is a wonderfully historic city and also a lot of fun (especially on a Saturday night).  Thrilled I finally got a chance to explore it.

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With only 18 hours in York, we checked into the quaint Mount Royale Hotel and then went directly to the Minster. We made it in time to climb to the top and, lucky timing for us, we were just in time for the 5:15 Evensong. The sang at the entrance of the inner chapel area and then we hear them as we climbed the stairs to the top. It was truly a magical sound.

Mount Royale Hotel

York Minster II
York Minster

York along the narrow walkway to the top
Walkway to the top of the Minster

York View from the minster

York flying buttresses
Gothic architecture ~ Flying Buttresses

York Stained glass window
Stained Glass at the Minster

York Minster gallery of kings

York Minster lighting a candle

York Minster in the cellar
Minster basement area ~ old stone and foundation

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