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Guam: Golf Anyone?

I have a serious love/hate relationship with the game of golf. Actually, it’s mostly a hate/hate relationship but right now, I’m in the love phase and, it’s a good thing since the Palm Tree Golf Course on Andersen Air Force base is beautiful and so convenient. The course has ocean views and the club house sits on a hill which allows for the tropical breezes to cool you down as you lunch outside on the deck.

Throughout the summer, FG will be taking golf lessons at the children’s golf clinic. It’s 2 hours in the morning and she loves it.

She is now the proud owner of her first set of clubs (all 5 of them) and a very light golf bag. Wish mine were that light. FM dusted off our ancient clubs which haven’t seen the light of day since we moved TO Germany 5 years ago. We had enough sense to send our clubs ahead of the household goods. FM has already been to the driving range and I am signed up for a women’s clinic.

It would be criminal not to take advantage of having a course so close to our house and the weather doesn’t hurt my motivation either. Looks like golf will be our sport of choice while we’re here!

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