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Guam: Fadian Cove

Fadian Cove
Fadian Cove, Guam

Ague Cove
Ague Cove, Guam

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We opted for a private boonie stomp for our finalé since the organized stomp yesterday was rated VERY difficult and didn’t end at a beach. My daughter stayed with her favorite sitter rather than head out to the boonies with us. It was probably just as well since it was a hot, long, and definitely “in the boonies” kind of hike and she had more fun playing with her friends. John and I were rewarded with this:

My favorite thing after a long hike was jumping into the cool, refreshing ocean waters and that’s the first thing I did:

Double Reef is one of the more remote beaches and, by far, the best snorkeling we’ve encountered on Guam. The ocean was very calm and we were able to swim quite a distance out to a “drop off” ~ there were so many fish and a variety of coral. I was mesmerized by all the vibrant colors of coral.

The beach itself is surrounded by a rugged, limestone forest (think “Predator” the movie) and there are giant binalo trees whose branches extend completely over the beach thus shading almost the entire length of the 150 feet long white, soft-sand beach. Absolutely gorgeous!

Much to our dismay, and I’m sure the other couple’s dismay as well, we weren’t the only ones there. We caught up with them on the hike and arrived at the beach at the same time. They went out for an even longer snorkel then we did, so we enjoyed a little time alone on the beach.

Along the trail, we came across wild pigs. I decided to carry a stick to ward off any attacks. Now that I look at it in the photo, my best hope would have been to poke it in the eyes with that lame stick:

I had heard many people tried to make it to Double Reef but couldn’t find it. I can see how that could happen. I highly recommend any one living on Guam, who plans on Boonie Stomping, buy the book “The Best Tracks on Guam” by Dave Lotz. It is very detailed and gives step by step guidelines to all the best hikes. And thankfully, there were markers along the way so we knew we were heading in the right direction. We did get off track a couple times but thankfully I was with John who has a great sense of direction. Not to mention he’s spent a lot more time in the woods. This is John standing next to a major marker ~ if you don’t turn right here, you’re way off course:

For anyone interested in hiking to Double Reef, be sure to park at this sign and start down the dirt road:

As the sign says, be sure to check in with the security desk. They will let you know if the beach is closed due to training ~ heed the warnings, you don’t want to get ‘shot’ accidentally. UPDATE: I’ve been advised, in the comments below, that hikers must sign a “release” prior to hiking to Double Reef beach.

It’s a rough hike but worth the reward at the end! Take lots of water, sunscreen, bug spray and snorkeling gear.  I’m trying to figure out how we can fit one more hike there before we leave.

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We continued our tradition of visiting Tarague Beach on Sunday afternoon. It’s so nice to be able to hop in the car and be at a beautiful beach within 10 minutes. This time we decided to explore the Tarague Trail and ended up hiking 3 miles along the water.

We found these guys along the way:


One crab was in desperate need of a new shell ~ I’m always fascinated as to how they find their new homes.

We could not have asked for a more beautiful view along the route:

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UPDATE: It’s been awhile since I’ve been to Guam. Feel free to leave your top 5 Favorite restaurants in Guam in the comments!

Itzy Bitzy tagged me to “Pick 5 of your favorite places to eat in your current location.” There are so many yummy restaurants here on Guam and, unfortunately, our short year here didn’t really allow us to get to all that many but I did find some gems. Here’s my current favorites:

  • Proa Restaurant in Tumon.  Very delicious grilled eggplant salad and the best coconut banana fritters I’ve ever had.
  • Thapanee Thai Restaurant in the Hafa adai Exchange. The BEST ever Grilled Tofu with lemongrass. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.  Their vegetarian spring-rolls are the best I’ve ever eaten as well.
  • The Mermaid Tavern in Hagåtña. Good salads and pasta. I particularly like the varied selection of beer.
  • Outback in Tumon. Can’t beat their YUMMY bread and the Chocolate Lava cake dessert.  Plus, next to Hard Rock Cafe, Outback is FG’s favorite place to eat.
  • Jamaican Grill  in Tumon.  A little spicy, a little tangy and consistently good.

To be honest, one of my favorite places to eat, is right here at home. I’ve been a lot more adventurous with my recipes and some have turned out pretty darn good 🙂

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After several weeks off, mostly due to rainy weather, we returned to Boonie Stomping. We explored the southeastern coast and ended in the village of Inarajan. It was a beautiful day ~ sunny, clear and, most importantly while hiking, not too hot. The drive to the area is spectacular. Gorgeous views of the ocean and the southern part of the island is much less developed. Our hiking guide got permission for us to park at someone’s house which sat right on the beach ~ so lovely.  As always, we were welcomed by the local hospitality.

The entire five mile hike to Bear Rock, at Agfayan Bay, was along the coastline in water up to my knees. Talk about a good workout for my legs. Can you make out the “bear” in the photo below?

There were a few waves which made me a little leery and concerned for my eight years old but we were able to time it so we made it through without getting pushed around too much by the water.  Being from Hawaii, I have a healthy respect for waves and never turn my back on the ocean. Sometimes there are rouge waves lurking…

On our way back home, we stopped at a fun seaside restaurant called Jeff’s Pirates Cove for a late lunch.  It’s a tourist stop but you can’t beat the atmosphere, beach-side location, good food and fast service.

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Guam: Golf Anyone?

I have a serious love/hate relationship with the game of golf. Actually, it’s mostly a hate/hate relationship but right now, I’m in the love phase and, it’s a good thing since the Palm Tree Golf Course on Andersen Air Force base is beautiful and so convenient. The course has ocean views and the club house sits on a hill which allows for the tropical breezes to cool you down as you lunch outside on the deck.

Throughout the summer, FG will be taking golf lessons at the children’s golf clinic. It’s 2 hours in the morning and she loves it.

She is now the proud owner of her first set of clubs (all 5 of them) and a very light golf bag. Wish mine were that light. FM dusted off our ancient clubs which haven’t seen the light of day since we moved TO Germany 5 years ago. We had enough sense to send our clubs ahead of the household goods. FM has already been to the driving range and I am signed up for a women’s clinic.

It would be criminal not to take advantage of having a course so close to our house and the weather doesn’t hurt my motivation either. Looks like golf will be our sport of choice while we’re here!

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Since moving to Guam, I’ve become obsessed with finding the perfect sunscreen. Some days it really does feel like I’m inches away from the sun. Now, everytime I go to the store, I check out the latest in sunscreen lotions, sprays and sticks. There are so many chioces! I’ve been experimenting with what works best for me ~ so much so that my bathroom countertop has become more cluttered than usual:

FG is hooked on Neutrogena Body Mist Sunblock spray (SPF 45). It’s a good thing because it is easy to use so she is more likely to want to put it on. For our faces, we all use Coppertone lotion (SPF 50). The Coppertone Sport spray (SPF 30) is great but feels a little sticky so I only use it when I go swimming, hiking or doing any other sport ~ basically when I need waterproof and “ultra sweatproof” coverage.

I’m happy to say we have yet to sunburn and I plan on keeping it that way! Let me know if you’ve found the perfect sun block. I’ll give it a try.

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We decided to check out Underwater World after enjoying a delectable lunch at the Jamaican Grill in Tumon. I ordered the grilled vegetable plate with a side of red rice and a side of Jamaican rice & beans. Along with this, I got a house salad ~ a mixture of fresh vegetables,fruits and the house “fruit” dressing. Everything was very colorful, tangy and unique. The jerk seasoning is a little spicy for me so it’s a good thing I ordered the refreshing Reggae Splash (blend of mango, guava & pineapple juices). Next time I’m getting the large drink! Ya Mon!

Underwater World. It’s great for someone who doesn’t want to go on an actual dive. There’s  an acrylic tunnel with 3 inches separating you from the sharks, rays, sea turtles, groupers, wrasse & other sea life. We happened to arrive just as feeding time started. It was very interesting to see the sharks and rays eat ~ reminded me of my always hungry hound dog nudging everyone out of his way for some food. These sharks and rays are so tame that the aquarium divers could turn a shark over and rub his big belly before feeding him. Again, reminding me more of a dog than a killer shark. I had to explain to Logan NOT to try this in the ocean.

After leaving the tunnel, we arrived at the individual displays of jellyfish, spider crabs, octopus, clown fish, anemones, sea horses, lion fish, etc. It was educational and a real thrill for FG. Personally, I prefer the real deal in the sea but would recommend this as a nice diversion, especially for kids!

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Guam: Give me an “A”

A local Guam company “Funtastic Park” is offering free ride coupons based on a child’s report card. They will give three coupons for an “A”, two for a “B” and one for a “C”. What a great way to instill a little more pride in a child. What kid doesn’t want to show off those As and Bs ~ especially the younger crowd. It doesn’t apply to FG yet but for any of you with older children, check out which nationwide companies are offering these rewards for grades. Let your child show off a little! If you know of any local companies in your community offering rewards, leave a comment. It might help another reader. Thanks!

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Guam: Shop til you drop!

Least anyone think I am languishing on an island with limited shopping, think again. Guam is quite the shopping mecca and boasts the largest K-Mart in the world. Yes, in the world! There is actually bus service that shuttles tourists (mostly Japanese) along a shopping route which includes K-Mart, Micronesia Mall, and others.

Micronesia Mall has a huge variety of stores including Macys, a ‘Funtastic Park’ for kids, a movie complex with first run films and a food court with the following international cuisine: Korean, Chinese, Japanese, American, Italian, Chamorro and Filipino.

Tumon, where most of the upscale resorts are located, offers high-end shopping with boutiques such as Kate Spade, Gucci, Dior, Ferragamo, & Prada, or in other words, all the stores I can’t afford to even step into let alone buy anything.

My favorite store so far is the Pop and Pour in Dededo. It is a newly opened wine store with great selections from France, Italy, US, Australia, South Africa, Portugal and Chile. German wines are soon to be available. Note to V. ~ don’t know if that will include any fat ass wine from Germany 🙂 Becky and Juvee offer great customer service including free delivery with orders of $150 or more and they will chill a bottle if you call in advance.

Not that I have time for shopping, too much beaching to do. But, it’s nice to know it’s available should I need a Gucci bag 😉

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