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We decided to check out Underwater World after enjoying a delectable lunch at the Jamaican Grill in Tumon. I ordered the grilled vegetable plate with a side of red rice and a side of Jamaican rice & beans. Along with this, I got a house salad ~ a mixture of fresh vegetables,fruits and the house “fruit” dressing. Everything was very colorful, tangy and unique. The jerk seasoning is a little spicy for me so it’s a good thing I ordered the refreshing Reggae Splash (blend of mango, guava & pineapple juices). Next time I’m getting the large drink! Ya Mon!

Underwater World. It’s great for someone who doesn’t want to go on an actual dive. There’s  an acrylic tunnel with 3 inches separating you from the sharks, rays, sea turtles, groupers, wrasse & other sea life. We happened to arrive just as feeding time started. It was very interesting to see the sharks and rays eat ~ reminded me of my always hungry hound dog nudging everyone out of his way for some food. These sharks and rays are so tame that the aquarium divers could turn a shark over and rub his big belly before feeding him. Again, reminding me more of a dog than a killer shark. I had to explain to Logan NOT to try this in the ocean.

After leaving the tunnel, we arrived at the individual displays of jellyfish, spider crabs, octopus, clown fish, anemones, sea horses, lion fish, etc. It was educational and a real thrill for FG. Personally, I prefer the real deal in the sea but would recommend this as a nice diversion, especially for kids!

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Guam: Give me an “A”

A local Guam company “Funtastic Park” is offering free ride coupons based on a child’s report card. They will give three coupons for an “A”, two for a “B” and one for a “C”. What a great way to instill a little more pride in a child. What kid doesn’t want to show off those As and Bs ~ especially the younger crowd. It doesn’t apply to FG yet but for any of you with older children, check out which nationwide companies are offering these rewards for grades. Let your child show off a little! If you know of any local companies in your community offering rewards, leave a comment. It might help another reader. Thanks!

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Guam: Shop til you drop!

Least anyone think I am languishing on an island with limited shopping, think again. Guam is quite the shopping mecca and boasts the largest K-Mart in the world. Yes, in the world! There is actually bus service that shuttles tourists (mostly Japanese) along a shopping route which includes K-Mart, Micronesia Mall, and others.

Micronesia Mall has a huge variety of stores including Macys, a ‘Funtastic Park’ for kids, a movie complex with first run films and a food court with the following international cuisine: Korean, Chinese, Japanese, American, Italian, Chamorro and Filipino.

Tumon, where most of the upscale resorts are located, offers high-end shopping with boutiques such as Kate Spade, Gucci, Dior, Ferragamo, & Prada, or in other words, all the stores I can’t afford to even step into let alone buy anything.

My favorite store so far is the Pop and Pour in Dededo. It is a newly opened wine store with great selections from France, Italy, US, Australia, South Africa, Portugal and Chile. German wines are soon to be available. Note to V. ~ don’t know if that will include any fat ass wine from Germany 🙂 Becky and Juvee offer great customer service including free delivery with orders of $150 or more and they will chill a bottle if you call in advance.

Not that I have time for shopping, too much beaching to do. But, it’s nice to know it’s available should I need a Gucci bag 😉

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The other day, I spotted a historical sign in one of the lawns at the Navy Base and stopped to read it. The hair on the back of my neck stood up as I read the following:

In the battle of Orote Peninsula, from July 26 to 29, 1944, 3,372 Japanese soldiers were killed and hastily buried in mass graves by Seabees using bulldozers. This site, now located within the Lockwood Family Housing area, was a large bomb crater.

According to local eyewitness, the Seabees used the crater to bury an unspecified number of Japanese soldiers. The human remains were exhumed in 1972, in formal ceremonies by Japanese Shinto and Buddhist Priests and transferred to the Pacific Memorial Park in Yigo.

Admittedly, I get spooked easily ~ blame it on reading one too many “scary” novels in my youth, but I bet most people would be a bit uncomfortable with a ‘mass grave’ sign in their yard.


On the way home, I thought about all the novels and movies which scared me the most and I realized I am much more into the psychological rather than the slasher type horror. I would list my top five all-time scary novels as follows:

5) Jaws ~ I read this while living in Puerto Rico. Made me more than a little leery about what was lurking in the ocean.

4) The Shining ~ I read this one before I knew I would some day live in the Grand Teton National Park during the winter when the lodge I worked for was closed (it only opened during the summer). There were about thirty employees, some with families, on the winter staff so it wasn’t quite as isolated as The Shining but there was every bit of snow like the movie so it was close enough.

3) Pet Semetary ~ Just plain scared me.

2) Silence of the Lambs ~ You won’t see me walking close to one of those utility vans!

1) The Exorcist ~ To me, this is the only one where the movie and the novel were equally frightening.

So far, Andersen AFB doesn’t have any spooky history that I’ve seen advertised but if you’re out walking or running, you feel as though you’ve walked onto the set of Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds”… more on that later.

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On Sunday, we ate a delicious Father’s Day Brunch Buffet at the Outrigger Guam. There was such a varied selection of international cuisine; we had to pace ourselves. The buffet included sashimi,sushi, made to order pasta & omelets, carving stations, crepes, and about 15 different types of dessert. Yummy! Even though the place was packed and the staff a little stressed, they kept a smile on their faces and made us feel welcome.


After we were filled to capacity, we made our way to the Navy base and checked out Gab Gab Beach. Beautiful! A great spot for Logan to practice her snorkeling ~ it was calm waters and a nice variety of fish. We couldn’t get her out of the water so John and I took turns snorkeling with her.



We drove to Orote Point Lookout and this is the gorgeous view we encountered:



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Another gorgeous day in Guam and we went on our third straight Boonie Stomp. This will probably be the last for a few weeks as we plan explore other beach spots on our own. Today’s stomp was rated difficult and difficult it was. I tried to turn back about 100 feet into the hike and the guy behind me wouldn’t let me. Glad he didn’t because it is a beautiful cove in which I got to do a little snorkeling and the way back up wasn’t nearly as scary.

Thanks to John for taking my pack which was making me off-balance. Thank goodness for these army guys ~ they sure are tough, aren’t they?! I did carry my pack on the way back up least you think I’m a complete wimp! Here’s a photo of Logan and I on the way down the trail:

Fadian Cove is located on the Northeast section of the island and the trail is very steep. I’m not joking when I say I was “stuck” in a couple of spots for fear of sliding a long way down. Once again, it was all worth the effort when we got to the cove and were able to swim/snorkel.



Here I am happy to be back at the top overlooking Fadian Cove ~ isn’t the water glorious looking?

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We decided to visit Chamorro Village, located in Hagåtña, for Fiesta Wednesday (night market). It was a night with lots of food, lots of people and lots of fun. There are roughly 18 food vendors and over 40 shops with arts, crafts, handmade jewelry, clothes, woven baskets, wood carved items, and much more ~ all set amongst Spanish-style buildings. Very cute. Back to the food ~ yummy! Logan and I got our veggie-friendly items (red rice, salad, etc) but John was all about the Chamorro style BBQ as seen in his fiesta plate below:


You would have thought that was enough but 10 minutes later, he had to get a BBQ kabob:

Chamorro Village is open every day but the main event happens every Wednesday nights: 5:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. There’s dancing on the north side of the village. Enjoy!

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