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I ventured out to the Sunbury Antiques Market with two wonderful ladies ~ one being a previous “buyer” for a store specializing in antiques. Good thing because I know very little about antiques & vintage items. I was in awe of her knowledge and learned a lot just by listening to her talk to the vendors.

Leslie and Sonja

Leslie and Sonja

Sunbury Antiques Market is located at Kempton Park Racetrack and takes place on the 2nd and last Tuesday of the month. The doors open at 6:30 am and close at 2 pm. I would highly recommend arriving as early as possible as there are lots of buyers including those buying for the shops in London. Admission and parking are free. Bring cash ~ the ATM was bone dry by noon.

I have to admit, I was overwhelmed by all the furniture, crockery, china, glassware, kitchen items, lamps, rugs, fabric, jewelry, vintage luggage trunks, taxidermy (ugh!) and so much more. My favorites seem to be the French and Belgian vendors ~ I love the French Farmhouse style. There are rows and rows of vendors both outside and inside. According to the Sunbury Market website , 700 vendors populate the market and, after all we saw, I’m inclined to believe it.

Sunbury Antiques Market

Sunbury Antiques Market

Some of the vendors at Sunbury Antiques Market

Some of the vendors at Sunbury Antiques Market

The market is located between Hampton Court and Staines. The train from Waterloo (London) to Kempton Park Station takes 44 minutes and it’s an easy walk from the station to the market. Delivery men are available for hire and will transport your furniture/large purchases to London for a minimum of £50. One woman filled up an entire van with furniture and they charged her £100 to deliver all of it.

Although I saw several furniture pieces I’d love to have, such as the 1950’s coffee table and sideboard (all made of solid wood and in great condition), I ended up with just a couple of small pieces. My favorite purchase is the vintage tennis racquet from the 1960s (maybe 70s).

While no one will be hiring me to host “Antiques Road Show”, I do feel more comfortable about shopping at these types of markets. Next time, I might even try to bargain a little.

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It’s our one month “Living in London” anniversary! I spent the day roaming around the city. Started with a London Walks (London’s Hidden Village) which ambled around the Southbank/Bermondsey area. Interesting to get off the beaten tourist path and into another neighborhood.

Industrial Age housing for workers

Our London Walks guide, Ann

The building in the photo below is so odd.  If you stand right in front of it, the wall is flat but it’s been painted so when you look at it from across the street, it looks like it’s the corner of the building. Honestly, it’s a FLAT wall!

Corner wall or is it…

After the walk, I had lunch at The Anchor restaurant which has a nice riverside patio along the Thames.  The restaurant was originally built in 1770 but I don’t believe there’s much left of the original building.  After lunch, my friend Rhonda and I ambled through the famous Borough Market.  The market has roots back to 1276 (first mentioned) but the current building has been there since 1851.  The retail market is open on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays and, even though it’s packed with vendors selling fruits, vegetables, cheeses, meats, sweets and more, the only thing I bought were savory pies from Pieministers.  John’s pie had beef & beer and Logan’s pie was vegetarian with goat cheese.  Rave reviews from both of them so we’ll definitely have them again.

Here’s Rhonda checking out a bread stand:

The Tower Bridge is always a joy to see especially on a beautiful sunny day like today.

Although I was exhausted from my day out in London, I couldn’t resist an event happening in Chelsea called “Vino and Vinyasa” (Yoga and Wine tasting).  I almost got waylaid by all the stores I passed along King’s Road as I headed to the event, but I made it and really enjoyed the evening.  Since I’m yoga challenged, it might have been better to have the wine before yoga!

As I expected, our time here in London is going quickly and I plan to continue having exhausting days as I explore/savor all London has to offer.

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We decided to visit Chamorro Village, located in Hagåtña, for Fiesta Wednesday (night market). It was a night with lots of food, lots of people and lots of fun. There are roughly 18 food vendors and over 40 shops with arts, crafts, handmade jewelry, clothes, woven baskets, wood carved items, and much more ~ all set amongst Spanish-style buildings. Very cute. Back to the food ~ yummy! Logan and I got our veggie-friendly items (red rice, salad, etc) but John was all about the Chamorro style BBQ as seen in his fiesta plate below:


You would have thought that was enough but 10 minutes later, he had to get a BBQ kabob:

Chamorro Village is open every day but the main event happens every Wednesday nights: 5:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. There’s dancing on the north side of the village. Enjoy!

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