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I’m so excited to be in Scotland again! My last two visits (November and March) were both bone-chillingly cold. As cold as it was, I still loved being in Scotland and now even more since it’s warm and sunny!

When I booked our flight, I searched extensively for the cheapest fare with the best flight times. Ended up booking a flight on Aer Lingus which flew from Dulles (Virginia) to Dublin then on to Edinburgh. It was the Red Eye flight (we ended up taking off at 10:40pm). Luckily, we had tailwinds and the flight was only 6.5 hours! From Dublin to Edinburgh it was a little under an hour.

I’m traveling with my husband and daughter. We have different ideas of how to get “on local time.” I have to take a nap for an hour or two while they force themselves to stay awake. While I napped, they went to the top of the Scott Monument (which we did while here in March)

Edinburgh View from the Scott Monument
View from the top of the Scott Monument

Edinburgh View from our hotel room at the Premier Inn
The view from our room at Premier Inn on Princes Street, Edinburgh

Edinburgh New Tram to city center

Edinburgh on the tram
On the newly opened tram from the Edinburgh Airport to City Center

Edinburgh on Chalotte Square
Charlotte Square buildings, Edinburgh, Scotland

I’m so thrilled with the view from our room but it makes me want to just hang out and stare at it but we’re heading out to hike “Arthur’s Seat” and then to lunch with a friend who lives locally. Did I mention I’m thrilled to be here!!

Edinburg view from the room at sunset

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